Coruscant, Qui-Gon Jinn's arrival.

WHO: Qui-Gon Jinn.
OPEN TO: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sabé.
WHAT: Qui-Gon's arrival.
WHERE: Corscant.

The world slowly swam into focus before his eyes. “What in the force…” For a moment he was too stunned to move; a very familiar and unexpected setting rose around him. Taxis and late night speeders filled the dark Coruscant sky above, while the smell of garbage and ozone roiled around his head.

Qui-Gon Jinn slowly sat up, and tried to understand the unmanageable scenario around him. His head felt as though it was full of sand and he was having trouble concentrating. How did he get here, what happened? He remembered a dark face, a flash of red light…

Instinctively, his hand flew to his abdomen. There, just below his ribs was a perfect circle scorched out of the fabric. He began scrabbling to feel underneath his tunics. His hands met with smooth flesh. If this were a dream wouldn’t his flesh be marked and not his clothes? He needed to meditate on this, but not now.

The Jedi Master jumped out of the way as a low flying cargo hauler nearly cut him in half. Dodging to one side, he rolled with the momentum and came to his feet at the back of what appeared to be a cheap restaurant, at least if the smell was any indication.

He took a minute to let out a breath and steady his mind. He reached to his side for his communicator only to find it missing. Just great, he thought to himself. His first priority was to orient himself. Reaching out with the Force, Qui-Gon instinctively began weaving his way in the direction it nudged him. Somewhere to the west were he could just make out a recognizable feeling.
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Anakin is turning heads, Palpatine is turning Jedi.

Who: Palpatine & Anakin
When: The day following the rescue, on the day of the time-rift
Where: In the senate building
Rated: P for pedophilia

Supreme Chancellor Cos Palpatine was escorted out of his private chambers in the bowels of the senatorial chamber by Mas Amedda and Sly Moore, but at once dismissed them dejectedly, given the upcoming important -and private- company he was about to have. He gave a good show of at least looking dejected, for it seemed appropriate that the -seemingly- aging man would be somewhat haggard after an intense senate session, on the very next day after his "rescue" from the "treacherous" Count Dooku.

Truth was, the intensity and ruthlessness of the session had been perfectly according to plans, and rather than making him like the crumpled image he was projecting, Palpatine felt exhilarated. Widespread feelings of dissension in the Republic's ability to handle the ongoing separatist war had overcome the common de-facto pleasantries being offered for the Chancellor's recent "ordeal" within minutes of the session's start. As soon as the Givin senator summed up the depth of his sorrow over the incident, with that perpetual frown his species was festooned with, the whole assembly seemed to think, of a common agreement, that no one could -and should- top that, and so from then on it was cutthroat politics as usual.

Seeing everything unravel (literally) as he had foreseen wanted to make the man cackle gleefully. But no, not behind the backs of the departing Amedda and Moore, and not in front of his impending company. That was what Darth Sidious was for. Right now, he kept on the tired-old-man mask with practiced discipline. He hadn't achieved total mastery of the Force without respecting the benefits of patience and control.

One thing he absolutely hoped his impending young friend would not achieve anytime soon. To master the Dark Side one had to learn patience and control, yes, but to first succumb to it you had to be prey to your own impulsiveness and abject, total lack of control. Something Anakin was getting better and better at everyday. The strict tutelage of Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was accomplishing wonders in that regard.

He started down the corridor, trudging toward the appointed place of their meeting, on one of the overlooking terraces of the senatorial building. For all the progress young Skywalker was making, it was critical, more than ever now, that Palpatine shepherd his young apprentice with growing focus and subtleness. Back aboard that ship yesterday, the Chancellor had made that one decision he'd had planned for a long time now, but the timing of which he'd been on the fence about. Yet now it was done, there was no going back: Dooku was no more. One apprentice killed by another prospective one, as it should be. Palpatine would always be surrounded by courtiers who were at each other's throats for his favours.

And now that the switch had been made, Anakin Skywalker was the focal point of Palpatine's plans for the extermination of the Jedi order. This new apprentice was not allowed to fail. And his first task, in time, would be to call him master. It was unavoidable. Dooku's fall had created a void in the balance of the Dark Side, one that Skywalker was perfectly poised to naturally slip into and fill. Yes, Palpatine was definitely eager to start the tutelage. The boy's weaknesses were crying out to be exploited.

But there was something more in the Chancellor's camouflaged excitement. He had a sense in the Force that something unusual was about to happen today. Something that even the Force itself didn't seem to suspect. How intriguing. And such a short notice with which this strange advent had made itself felt. Foreseeing this event had been about as punctual as it was clear. Somehow, as he reached the terrace and looked out with his sense for young Skywalker, Palpatine had the feeling this would be an interesting day.
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(OOC) Quick Question to the Mod(s)

Hey, I'm still around and paying attention to the community. It's jumped forward a year, the question I have is, will Sly Moore and I coninute our converstation, or am I to move on and guess as to how that converstation would have turned out?

It's nice to see the rpg back, and I hope most of the players come back for more fun. :)

I'm looking forward to playing some more.
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Padmé's Senatorial Penthouse, morning.

WHO: Padmé, Threepio, Anakin.
WHAT: Angst. Lots of angst.
RATING: T for Teens!

Padmé stared aimlessly at her reflection in the mirror, as if scrutinizing her outer image for any signs that would give away her secret. It was a secret that no one knew of, besides herself. A secret that she had no intentions of sharing. With anyone. Not even those who took part in this secret's origins. This secret was one she wasn't sure she even wanted to keep in the literal sense. Yes, it was something that she had contemplated and something she did want...but, not now. Things never seemed to happen at the right time. She wanted this to happen at a specific time and date, something that should still be awaiting her in the future. But it had happened, and it was unplanned.

The senator had been too indecisive when she had initially learned of her secret, to frightened to go to anyone for help or advice. Too scared to dare attempt contact the other party involved. It was an occasion that normally called for joy and celebration, but all it had succeeded in doing so far was cause the heartache, stress, and confusion. She didn't want to do this. Not now. But, it was too late. It was passed the period where she could've put a stop to it, so now she was stuck having to live with her newfound burden.

Over the years, Padmé had considered herself to be many things, but never before had she classified herself under the word 'coward.' She was Padmé Amidala, the woman who at the young age of fourteen took a stand against Nute Gungray and the Trade Federation; the woman who had fought along side the Jedi and the Clone Army at the Battle of Geonosis. Supposedly, a woman with little or no fear. But even she, someone who was believed to be the most honest of her kind, had things to hide. And it wasn't until recently that she began to feel the true weight of having to hide.

'It would destroy us,' he had said. Perhaps he was right. But, he wasn't here now. He was off at war. She was alone in this and would continue to go about it alone.

Padmé was now many things. A former queen, a senator, a secret wife, a liar, a coward, a hypocrite, and a future mother. For, she was four months pregnant with Anakin Skywalker's unborn child.

Letting out a long sigh, Padmé splashed her face with cold water from the sink, dabbing it dry with a nearby towel. Pulling her robe tighter around her form, Padmé moved into the large, front room of her penthouse to work on some paperwork in the few hours before she was due at the Naboo Embassy. At least now that she was over the hump of her first trimester, the sickness that had plagued her every waking moments would bother her less. She was beginning to run out of plausible excuses and couldn't bring herself to tell the truth.
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Sorry to add yet another OOC post to the main community, but I'm going to be gone for a while. I've already notified MJ of this, but there are others that my characters - Padmé, Threepio, Apailana, Shaak Ti - are in play with, so I figured I'd better go ahead and make a formal statement, so others can play around my characters.

To make a long story short, my mother had a heartattack Sunday and is going in for major surgery tomorrow. Needless to say, I will not be in front of a computer, much less want to. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but I'll return once things are alright again.

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Council meeting continued... In process.... Open to Council Members and Mirlinth Loth

Continued from:

And so it would begin. This was it. Mirlinth Loth's final chance to prove herself worthy of being a full Jedi once more. Yoda could not even sense what might happen, there were too many variables. All the Jedi Masters were quite undecided. This was a unique case. A jedi, tainted by the darkside, fallen through time, asking for redemption. There were no standards to look too. This would set the precedent. This was a decision that would be looked upon and criticized for years, no matter what decision was made.

"Begin the questioning will. Ready you are."

Ki-Adi-Mundi leaned forward. "Is it true you were a bounty hunter in your time?"
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Council Meeting... In progress open to Council member and Mirlinth Loth.

It was time. After all the confusion and shocking new of the previous days, it was time to begin again on the decision of Mirlinth Loth. She had been quite and unusual character from the distant past, the time of Exar Kun. There had also been... a stain... on her soul one they would need to learn as much about as possible. If she was to be accepted, the Council needed to know that she was trustworthy.

"Esteemed Jedi Masters. A re-evaluation we have today. Mirlinth Loth. Creature of the distant past. The time of Exar Kun. Reason to be believe she had dealing with him we have. Other unusual properties she also possesses. Confirm that she can be trusted and is worthy of the Jedi order we must. Press deep questions and miss nothing will we. May the force be with you."

And with that, the meeting was begun.

Sorry to flood with an OOC post.

Hello all, sorry I haven't been active, but there hasn't exactly been much to do. I doubt there's any chance of my Zam returning and that puts me in a bit of a spot. :/ I suppose I could always have Jango leave her on Kamino or sort of have her on the background on some assignment, yadda yadda, but the stuck situation's got me a little torn.

I don't know if there's much use for Jango either. Yes, he's my favorite and quite revered, but I don't know how he's going to get into the swing of things. I'm open to any suggestions. :) I realize this is a busy time for people and if there's truly no reason to be found I'll resign, it's been a lovely time though from what I've seen.

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