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who; Padmé, Anakin, Queen Apailana, Sabé, Saché.
where; Padmé's penthouse, where else? lol.
what; The Queen is determined to speak with Padmé about her pregnancy.
when; A few days after Sabé reveals Padmé's pregnancy to the Queen.

- - - - - - - - - -

"No thank you, Moteé. I'm fine for the moment." Padmé smiled appreciatively in the direction of the young handmaiden, who was trying offer her some of the food she had prepared for herself and Ellé. Normally, the Senator would've excepted the offer, having been gripped by the odd eating habits her pregnant state demanded of her, but at the moment, that same state was putting her in an odd mood, where she just didn't feel like eating. It wasn't nausea or morning sickness, more of a discomforting feeling, as the baby was moving rather actively within her, bumping a variety of her internal organs as it pleased. She remembered Sola saying that being able to feel the baby moving within her was one of the most wonderful experiences of her life. Padmé, however, found it rather annoying and was finding it difficult to focus her mind on the speech she should've finished days ago.

Moteé, not knowing that her mistress was pregnant like her three elder handmaidens did, simply eyed the senator with curiosity for a moment, before leaving Padmé's quarters and disappearing down the hall of the building to the handmaiden residence.

At the table that was normally used for eating meals, Padmé sat, still surrounded by various document readers containing references she was intending on quoting in her speech. Tearing her eyes away from the few rough paragraphs she'd managed to jot down, she'd take a brief sip of tea, before jumping slightly and nearly spitting the tea all over the table. Quickly swallowing as to not do exactly that, she'd exclaim in annoyance: "The last thing I need is a hole in my lungs."

Looking down at her concealed, swollen form, she'd speak in a slightly annoyed tone, as if the child within her could hear. "I'd really appreciate it if you'd refrain from kicking, prodding, and bouncing upon my organs. Please go to sleep. Mommy needs to get some work done and you're breaking my concentration."

Sighing heavily, she'd prop one arm up on the table's surface and return what she could manage of her concentration to working on the speech.
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