i_am_the_state (i_am_the_state) wrote in delta_junction,

Disguised ambivalence

Who: Palpatine/Darth Sidious and Dormé
What: Scheming
Where: In an alley of coruscant
When: Night, TR+3 (day three after the Time Rift)

Darth Sidious was cloaked in his usual black garnment, which reinforced the projection of anonymity he always cast into the minds of all he met, so that even those who knew Palpatine personally would be hard-pressed to actually find the shady form of Sidious familiar. On this night, he would meet the handmaiden Dormé, confidant of senator Amidala. She had, a day ago, been rebuked by Palpatine while trying to convey sensitive information to him, and earlier today had -conveniently- received a message summoning her to meet with a trader named Pievel Cyr, in regards to "Jedi business", in an alley of the upper-to-mid level of Coruscant.

Facts were: there really was a Pievel Cyr, expecting a lady, Ludmilla Menup, in a not-too-distance neighborhood this very same night. The "Jedi business" actually concerned the black market sale of a rare illustrated album starring the fictional hero and Jedi master Vustiva Stack. The benign message, extracted from a database populated by Palpatine's plethora of contacts and containing millions of such unofficial dealings of varying scope, had been replicated, the name of the recipient changed to Dormé, and place of meeting altered. Ludmilla Menup was currently in the process of being murdered, so that she would never show up at her appointed meeting with Pievel Cyr. Dormé would be able to claim that she truly was the intended recipient of the message and had gotten lost on the way to meet Cyr. It all held together.

Of course, at the appointed meeting place, Dormé would not meet Pievel Cyr, but rather Darth Sidious himself. He would take her under his wing, in answer to Palpatine's rude dismissal. This would ultimately provide a good test of her allegiances, and Sidious would be in prime position to decide whom to have her betray, including possibly himself.

He was also actually eager to learn whatever name or names she may have to report to him, for those might very well be the elusive ones who'd been directly affected by the recent disturbance in the Force, and whom he had not yet been able to pinpoint.

Silently, perfectly camouflaged, he waited. Only those he allowed to see him would. It was rather unusual, and somewhat exhilirating, for Sidious to be making a meeting in person like this. His alter-ego Palpatine usually got to get out more often he did, but for first-time meetings it was best to do it in person whenever possible. Not only would it maximize the lasting effect his forbodding presence would have on his quarry, but he also couldn't trust them yet to have a secure enough communications device to reach him any other way. The one he clutched under his robes now would provide all the privacy Dormé and he would need in the future.
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