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Apologies and denied motives.

Who: Saché, Sabé, Padmé
Where: Sabé's quarters later Padmé's quarters
What: Sabé apologizes for atrocious behavior pertaining to Padmé's pregnancy.
When: Later that night after Suspicions and secrets but before Crossing another line..
True remorse is never just regret over consequence; it is regret over motive. ~Mignon McLaughlin

Sabé knew it was coming. In fact she was actually surprised to find it took as long as it did for Saché to storm into her room. No that it mattered it wasn’t like she could sleep anyways.

“Okay Sabé Nabish you better start talking and fast cause you have just achieved the impossible; making me more furious that Soren does.”

“My quarrel is not with you Saché now please get out.”

Saché moved in and stood her ground with arms folded and eyes flashing in anger.

“The minute you exploded on poor Padmé like that you did. As I said before, I know you’re working late hours and haven’t been sleeping. If it’s Soren being an ignoramus and scheduling you to work extra hours than let me know and I’ll give him a piece of my mind and take care of it for you. But the fact of the matter is-“

“You know I’m right Saché. Anakin is nothing but a selfish disgusting cretin who pretends to be a loyal Jedi.”

Sabé stated cutting Saché off as her temper rose. However Saché wasn’t’ about to back down either and cast Sabé a look of annoyance and confusion.

“What in your craw about Jedi Skywalker anyways Sabé ever since you got back from you mission you’ve been utterly beastly towards him. I know you’ve never been fond of him and lets be honest I’m not over crazy about the man either.

I mean he’s even worse than I am when it comes to talking first and thinking later, and can be as arrogant as Soren at times, but Padmé loves him and he loves her back. That’s all we need to know. This isn’t our business, so let it go!”

“There is more going on than you realize Saché. Trust me when I say something very sinister is occurring as we speak. Something so dark that it will destroy everything we serve and love unless I stop it.”

Saché furrowed her brow in concern.

“And this has to with Jedi Skywalker because?”

Sabé didn’t respond and so Saché continued.

“Well even so you know as well as I do he is on our side in this matter all the Jedi are and if this threat is as real as you say you will need his help to ensure it doesn’t come to pass.”

Sabé curled a lip in disgust at her friend’s words. On our side indeed she mused darkly. I’ll have to remind you of this discussion when you first encounter Lord Vader. Not that it will happen because he will be dead before it gets to that point she inwardly surmised as she shook her head in reply.

“Nevermind I didn’t expect you to understand.”

Saché eyes filled with concern as Sabé felt them lingering on her brow as she consciously slipped a hand to adjust her hair to cover the rather large scar that decorated it.

“This is about your past mission isn’t it?”

Her friend quietly said as Sabé fell silent her thoughts lost to a past that she feared would become the future once more.

“Have you taken these matters to the appropriate authorities? I mean have you discussed your fears with them?”

Sabé thought of Master Windu and nodded in reply.

“Good. You have done your job Sabé now let them do theirs. You are Padmé’s principle handmaiden first and foremost and it would be wise not to forget that.”

She said softly obviously trying to comfort Sabé in her own awkward way but Sabé’s stormy thoughts took it the wrong way and she promptly snapped back a reply.

“Do you believe I have forgotten my oaths Saché is that what this is really about?”

Saché blinked in surprise and shook her head her expression turning troubled at this sudden switch of moods.

“No Sabé of course not I’m just concerned about your unusual behaviour towards your former Queen and best friend.”

Sabé’s frown deepened as she turned defensive.

“All I did was speak the truth. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Saché folded her arms as her own temper began to flare.

“Sabé you openly insulted her husband and her good name what has gotten into you?

You are Padmé’s support and security! She is to be first in all of your duties and loyalties understood?”

That did it and soon Sabé moved in on her friend’s personal space as she snapped back in sharp reply.
“I have and I do! I don’t need you to tell me how to do my job Saché!”

“Well you sure could have fooled me with that glorious display of yours earlier today!”

Sabé’s eyes turned fiery as she felt a shiver of cold run down her spine but it did little to stop her turn of thoughts.

“Display!? Am I not permitted the right of speech now?”

Saché used to this sort of ornery behaviour from a certain Captain of the guard folded her arms and narrowed her eyes glaring back at her friend.
“Sabé you have some nerve to claim Anakin is a joke of a Jedi when today you acted like a farce of a Principle handmaiden! Now I suggest you shape up and soon before the Senator decides it’s time to invest in your replacement.”

The words hit Sabé hard and her eyes wavered as the dark storm within waned leaving only guilt, shame and doubt in her mind. Had she been more attuned to her emotions, Sabé might have recognized the fact that in another time and place she had hurt a certain Jedi Knight with the almost exact phrase that was just used on her now.

“Do you really think so low of me Saché?”

She hoarsely whispered in pained shock as she finally began to realize the weight of her actions and the effect they had on Padmé.

“No Sabé but your behaviour earlier was inexcusable.”

Closing her eyes Sabé took a shuddering breath and glanced away feeling utterly terrible for her words. While she didn’t regret her thoughts about Anakin she did regret saying them to her best friend’s face and in such a fashion no less.

“…By the gods, what have I done? I can’t believe I said such things to her…I…I don’t know what possessed me…”

She whispered in shock before she cast a pleading glance to Saché who remained studying her in silent concern.

“How am I going to face her now? I mean…Will she even permit me to apologize?”

Sabé continued her voice filled with shame and regret. Saché though not understanding the situation entirely placed a hand on her frazzled friend’s shoulder.

“Padmé is a good woman, she will understand. Just be honest with her it’s the least she deserves.

I know you might not be comfortable opening up about what happened to you on your last mission with me but surely you can at least talk to her about it. If not her than someone else you trust. It’s not healthy to keep it bottled away like that; it will only eat you alive.”

Sabé instinctively was about to deny that anything was wrong but Saché knowing her friend only too well promptly stopped her.

“And before you go off and deny anything happened, I should remind you that we’re not blind. That big scar on your brow didn’t just magically appear overnight. Nor did the rest of those scars you tried to hide when we swimming at the pool the other day. They weren’t there before you left on your mission either so don’t bother trying that line too.”

Sabé sighed deeply as she glanced away her heart heavy at the memories and the need to ensure they wouldn’t happen again.

“It’s something I’d rather not discuss with anyone.”

She admitted quietly feeling Saché’s once more studying her closely.

“If you change your mind Sabé I hop you know you can always trust me. My word is true you know that.”

The former decoy nodded weakly her thoughts already elsewhere as she inwardly feared how her actions of earlier today were going to affect her plans. It would not do to have rising suspicions cast her way she continued her plotting of Anakin’s demise.

“If I were you I’d go patch things up with Padmé as soon as you can lest this gets any worse than it already has.”

Sabé’s expression marked her shame as she bowed her heard trying to ignore the confusion she felt in that moment. She did feel terrible for her behaviour towards her best friend, and yet she found herself growing more concerned about how this would interfere with her plans rather than how deeply this wounded Padmé? The thought was troubling to say the least but soon she forced herself to ignore it as she quietly spoke.

“I will…I just need a few moments to collect my thought.”

Saché nodded in understanding before quietly turning to leave.

“Alright I’ll leave you to your thoughts so you can pull yourself together Sabé but don’t forget what I said okay? I do mean it.”

Sabé nodded politely as she offered a tired smile before finding herself alone once more.

It was a little while before she finally found the nerve to slip out of her room and quietly head towards Padmé’s quarters. Though she had recognized Obi-Wan’s signature earlier nearby it had long since passed and the fact she was grateful for this confused her further. But the thought passed as she was filled with relief at the realization that Anakin’s force signature was no where to be found as well. That alone gave her strength to quietly ring the buzzer that would permit her entrance to the personal quarters of her former Queen. He was the last person in the galaxy that she wanted to see and Sabé knew she would not be able to properly speak to Padmé nevermind apologize should he be around.

Yet as she heard footsteps approaching the door her heart began to race as a new sense of shame filled her spirit. This wasn’t the first time since she arrived in the past she had been outspoken to the Senator but she inwardly prayed it would be her last. Yet even so something deep within knew it wouldn’t be and that this was only the beginning of the worse to come.
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