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who; Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
where; Padmé's office within the Naboo Embassy.
what; Needing to speak with Obi-Wan in regards to Sabé.
when; After the Queen learns of Padmé's pregnancy; before Dormé sees Sabé with Obi-Wan.

- - - - - - - - - -

Padmé had always considered Sabé to be one of the few people she could rely on, she could trust. Having been immersed in the vast world of politics since a young age, Sabé had been the closest thing Padmé had ever had to a best friend. Holding the rank and status of one of Padmé's chief protectors, Sabé was always around and was in many ways closer to Padmé than anyone, with the exception of Anakin, would ever be. Closer than even her own sister. Padmé considered Sabé to be part of the make-shift family she'd formed in this political realm she dwelled in, and cherished the members of that family as much as she did her own flesh and blood. And to have Sabé lash out at her in such a harsh tongue...it inflicted a wound worse than the one from the nexu that scarred her back.

Saché claimed that Sabé had been under a lot of stress as of late and hadn't been sleeping well. This was a concept Padmé found hard to grasp. Not because Sabé was highly stressed out, for it was very clear that she was, it was that Sabé hadn't mentioned anything to Padmé about it or it's cause. Had Sabé even tried to talk to her about it? Padmé thought that Sabé knew she could come to her about anything. If something was the matter, if something was stressing her out...perhaps there was something Padmé could to do relieve some of that stress. Perhaps Sabé had, and the pregnant senator had been to wrapped up in her own selfish pity that she'd neglected to notice.

Maybe this stress Sabé was under had something to do with the mission she'd been sent on. The mission Padmé had sent her on. And while Padmé had been given a detail report of the information that had been gathered on that mission, she'd yet to talk to Sabé about it - how she felt about the mission, if anything had happened to her...

At the moment, Padmé was still feeling a bit uncomfortable in Sabé's presence after dropping the news of her pregnancy upon her, Dormé, and Saché. She wasn't ready to approach her yet, wanting to give her time to cool off. Space. So, she sought out the person who'd first come in contact with Sabé after her return from the mission. Maybe Obi-Wan had been clued into something she hadn't and could point Padmé in the right direction to mending the friendship she feared was in the starting stages of falling apart.
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