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And the Darkness wrapped around her like a cloak...

Who: Obi-Wan, Sabé, Dormé
Where: Jedi Temple Dormitories.
When: 3-4 weeks after meeting with Master Windu.

Sabé had long since grown used to the nightmares and the lack of sleep they encouraged. She tried to meditate to clear her thoughts or at least find some semblance of peace but none seemed to come for the exhausted former decoy.

Once more she found herself going over the plans she had worked over with Master Windu and the information collected from the video feeds that had been transfered to her personal security systems. There wasn't enough to find anything solid to take the Chancellor to trial not that they would, but for securing evidence to prevent the coming storm that would be certain to occur after words they would need something a little more solid.

However the more obvious complication came from the lack of evidence found on his unwitting protégé Anakin. That was more than a little disconcerting as she knew without question what was to come and felt more then a little agitated to find so little that would help convince others of what she had always known. It was all happening again and Sabé couldn't help but feel as though she was racing in a direction she couldn't see all the while too afraid to look behind her lest she witness whatever it was that seemed to be trying to consume her.

She could not let the Empire be born. It had to be stopped no matter the cost and in these dark hours it was the only thing that seemed to provided her any comfort. Even Obi-Wan's normally soothing presence was losing it's potent calm. But even so she couldn't help but be drawn to him, she wanted to be near him to feel his warm aura dance and hum in her thoughts and his arms holding her close. Even if it came at the price of worsening nightmares she'd rather wake-up by his side than alone.

So it was with this thought in mind that she slipped on her cloak and began her journey down the security halls or 'ghost halls' as she nicknamed them in memory of Naboo in the direction of Obi-Wan's quarters. Unfortunately her frequent departures at late hours was beginning to draw some attention and soon another was trailing her footsteps but at a safe distance away so as not to draw attention from the distracted Sabé whoses thoughts were torn between her need for vengeance or as she saw it the protection of the Republic and the future and her desire to see her husband once more.

Soon she found her way to the Jedi Temple and with skilled steps she headed to the dormitories of the Jedi Knights and Masters until she found the one in question. Pausing she movedt o punch the codes but frantically realized she had forgotten them in her exhausted state of mind. Frowning she tried again but to no avail. Sighing deeply she bit her lip unable to resist a hint of guilt at the fact she was about to wake Obi-Wan from his slumber but unable to resist the need to see him either. Activating the chime she waited with much impatience for him to answer the door, all the while eager to feel his arms around her once more.
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