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Crossing another line...

Who:Sabé, Captain Typho
Where: Security Office.
What: Matter pertaining to Padmé's pregnancy.
When: Two days after "Suspicions and Secrets"

Sabé couldn't remember how long she remained frozen in position staring at the image that returned her tired gaze in the mirror. She was exhausted, as always it seemed now. She couldn't quite say what it was that was causing her nightmares but she knew that somehow it had something to do with the events that were certain to come. That is if she didn't succeed in her mission to destroy the threats. The thought caused her hand to slip to the hidden comlink that remained unseeing from watchful eyes in one of the many pockets of her dress.

This has to be done she told herself for the umpteenth time finding now in her sleep deprived state of mind she was staring through her image rather than at it. I can't fail her as I did before. I won't fail her. Not this time.

Somehow the words just seemed hollow but she managed to make herself believe the lies once more that this was only about removing the threat. That she was doing this for the safety of her bestfriend, for the safety of her unborn children and not for personal vengeance.

"Why are you doing this?"

She whispered softly outloud, her lips moving of their own accord the silent struggle for a but a moment making its way to her concious thoughts. But in her exhausted daze she didn't even register that she had spoken. Instead she finally pulled herself away from the mirror as she grabbed her sword and wrapped its belt around her hips before letting her hands graze to the unfurling ribbon. Once satisfied everything was in order she left her personal quarters and headed to the security offices some floors below.

She knew he would be there the Captain always was at this time of evening. It would be a private enough place for the discussion needed and Sabé had no fear that there would be any intruptions this time. Saché was busy training Dormé and Moteé was with Padmé in one of her meetings. The rest of the security staff were either one duty or at home.

But as she wandered out of the transport that brought her to the security level Sabé found herself feeling more torn within. Was this considered betrayal? Had she not sworn to remain silent out of respect to her dearest friend and former Queen? But if ultimately doing so meant Padmé's life would be placed in danger than some promises would have to be comprimised she told herself.

Biting her lip her hands slipped to the ribbon and twisting it once more she eventaully approached the security office and paused. The struggle within was a powerful one but for some reason it wasn't so hard to bury the doubts this time. Though in reality it was a sign of growing darkness Sabé in her ignorance believed it to be nothing more then confirmation that this had to be done.

Activating the doors code she quietly stepped inside and paused waiting for the captain to notice her before bowing in greeting and speaking.

"Captain Typho, please forgive my intrusion at this late hour, but I do believe there is a matter we must discuss that is of the utmost importance..."
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