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All roads to hell are paved with good intentions...

Who: Mace Windu, Sabé
Where: Jedi Temple.
Why: Discussion pertaining to tapping into a certain Chosen One’s quarters via security cams.
When: About a week after With eyes ever watchful.

Sabé was nervous and rightfully so. Her reason for being in this place was not as professional as she would have cared to admit, nor as personal as she would have liked. This was business to say the least but not one she’d care to have anyone learn about, at least most anyone. But after the incident in the security office a couple of days ago Sabé found her thoughts once more returning to the discussion that was exchanged between Master Windu and Obi-Wan. Though she couldn’t say to what extent the Jedi Master would be willing to help Sabé knew without question he was an ally to say the least. His mutual distrust or so it appeared towards Anakin was an asset she never would have considered had she not witnessed Anakin’s complaints about the man. But between that obvious clue and Obi-Wan’s remark that Master Windu was trustworthy Sabé was able to convince herself that this was the proper course of action.

Moving quietly through halls of the Jedi Temple Sabé tried to ignore the exhaustion she felt. It had been at least two nights since she was able to get a decent rest and even the brief time she was able to spend in her husbands arms seemed to be of little help. This alone troubled her deeply as Sabé found she could never sleep as well as she did when she was in her love’s arms. But the nightmares wouldn’t leave her be and they seemed to grow even more vivid and volatile with each passing night. If only she could figure out why it was now that she was experiencing them and not during the time when she was healing back on Tatooine. In the end she could only surmise this was a sign that she could not fail in her duties to protect her mistress. That she had to destroy this darkness lest she lose her friends, family and the Republic itself once more.

Taking a deep breath she let her hand slip to the worn ribbon that hung freely from the blade by her side. Twirling and wrapping it around her fingers she didn’t notice that the base of the braided ribbon was beginning to fray further beneath her touch. Small bits of burgundy and orange strings loosened from their woven positions and were soon separated completely. Gently they floated without drawing so much as a hint of attention their presence long forgotten before they landed softly on the ground. Like a silent warning of what was to come they marked the beginning of the end for more than just the charm that hung from her sword.

But lost in her thoughts none of this went noticed as Sabé couldn’t help but feel more than a little internal frustration over the fact that she had foolishly erased the codes Obi-Wan had given her for the “pipelines” that would activate and monitor Anakin’s quarters. Now only after wasting more than a few hours attempting to tap into the Jedi security systems did Sabé finally swallow her fears and take the risk of approaching Master Windu for aid.

In reality she knew she could have just as easily returned to Obi-Wan and asked for his assistance but she didn’t want to have to explain why she lost the first set he had given her. Or more exactly she wasn’t ready to admit to herself just why she had erased the codes in the first place. Then of course there was the fact that the entire matter of Anakin was a delicate subject to say the least for both of them. While Obi-Wan saw Anakin’s downfall something that could be prevented Sabé knew without question this was more than a little wishful thinking by a pure-hearted soul who saw good in even the darkest of creatures. Little could she have guessed that in the end it would be this merciful trait that would save her from her own darkness.

But for now all she could see was a threat that had to be eliminated and prevented no matter what. And if going behind Obi-Wan’s back to ensure this came to pass was what would be needed to accomplish this then so be it. Quietly approaching a young Jedi Knight, Sabé politely asked if she could speak to someone about requesting the private audience of Jedi Master Windu himself. The young woman nodded politely in reply and said that she would help her locate the Jedi Master himself to which Sabé was more than a little grateful. In silence she followed the Knight her thoughts already going through what she was going to say and how she would approach the matter of Anakin’s danger to the Jedi Council and to the Republic itself. She could only hope that Master Windu would understand her concerns and would be willing assist her in her mission to put an end to this madness before it began.

After some time they approach a small room to which the young knight quietly explained she would inform the Jedi Master that Sabé wished to speak to him in private, before permitting her access to the meditation hall. With a polite bow and a grateful thank-you Sabé soon found herself alone once more as she patiently waited for the young knight to return and inform her if her request would be granted or not.
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