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Suspicions and Secrets...

Who: Dormé,Saché,Sabé and Padmé.
Where: Where else? Padme's Living Quarters ;)
When: Post Alliance meeting and meeting with Qui-Gon.

Saché was downright worried for her mistress and it showed. Though she was ironically too polite to outright demand to know what was wrong she was more the comfortable to confront Sabé and Dormé about her thoughts on the matter.

“I think we should definitely approach her about going to a doctor. She is really beginning to worry me.”

Dormé nodded slightly in reply her eyes filled with concern for her mistress although she too seemed to carry a hint of knowing or at least suspecting something further. Sabé on the other hand looked almost expectant as though she knew something that the other two didn’t. This only seemed to encourage Sache’s persistence that much more as she turned to face the principle handmaiden in concern.

“She’s ill isn’t she? Padmé told you something and then swore you to silence didn’t she?”

Sabé shook her head as she sighed softly her fingers slipping to the ribbon on her blade which only amplified Saché’s concerns.

“Then what is it? What is going on? You’ve seen how she’s been acting lately? So moody, jumpy down right sad if you ask me. I wonder if perhaps the stress is getting to her.”

Always the cool headed one Sabé shook her head in reply as she remarked casually.

“I definitely agree that stress is a factor, one of many actually.”

At this Dormé eyes sparkled as though she had her own suspicions but this seemed to be missed by both women who continued their discussion.

“She’s been falling ill a lot lately as well. Almost like clockwork.”

Saché continued as she folded her arms.

“Like a flu that never quite goes away.”

Sabé just cast Saché an expectant look that caught her friend off guard as she shook her head in confusion. Having grown up as an only child Saché’s experience with pregnancies was rare to say the least. Added to the fact she had spend most of her life training and serving as a handmaiden she was that much more naive in such matters and it showed to the two women who stared at her in disbelief.

“What? Why are you two staring at me like I just sprout a second head?”

She exclaimed in confusion as Sabé raised a brow as Dormé giggled.

“Saché my friend while as brilliant as you are it would seem there are a lot of things left in this life that you need to learn.”

This completely baffled her as Dormé continued to giggle only to turn silent as Saché cast a sharp look in her direction.

“Okay care to explain?”

Dormé couldn’t resist and quietly spoke up.

“I think Lady Padmé is expecting.”

Saché blinked in surprise before turning five shades of red. She knew she should have picked up on that, especially with the growing bulge of her mistress waist. But in her naivety she just once more placed it as a side effect of stress, as her appetite had increased quite a bit as well. After all generally it was a given that most people when stressed did eat more then usual, just stress was known to make people ill as well. Yet even this fact did little to lessen her humiliation as she quickly snapped a reply.

“I knew that.”

Her friend rolled her eyes and Saché was about to argue the point further in her defence when she heard the door to the handmaiden’s living room slide open marking the entrance of the Senator herself. Falling silent the discussion came to a prompt ending as the three women turned to face her bowing deeply in greeting.
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