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With Eyes ever watchful...

Who: Sabe, Mace Windu
Where: Security office – lower levels of the Senate State building
What: Setting plans in motion for Palpatine’s downfall amongst other things…
Time: Two weeks after “Foundations of the Alliance.”

The hour is late when the principle handmaiden found herself sifting through the security camera logs. Fast forwarding some, rewinding other all in the hopes of finding something, anything of significance that might shed light on what she knew to be fact.

So far Sabe found minor pieces of evidence through paper work, through recorded messages but nothing substantial enough to present to Obi-Wan nevermind the rest of the Jedi Council. The thought of her husband made Sabe sigh deeply as she tried once more to go through the long complicated codes she learnt from Sache that would override the security camera’s to the Chancellor’s office. The sooner she could get it done the soon she could call it a day and slip off to the Jedi Master’s quarters. It had been almost two weeks since her last nightly visit and she was more then a little eager to find herself in his arms once more.

After what seemed like an eternity a small blue light appeared on the console as a simple message read:

Security code confirmed.

Sabe smiled in obvious relief as she promptly began to key in a series of codes that would open the ‘pipelines’ as Sache nicknamed the connections which activated he virtually unknown and rarely used hidden camera’s that Captain Typho had added throughout the Government building.

Sitting back in the small chair that was surrounded by screens and consoles Sabe couldn’t help but hold her breath once more. While activating the cameras was easy enough, there was no guarantee the transfer of information to her own personal security links would be successful. While Sache promised the codes were foolproof Sabe was a bit more skeptical. After all she wasn’t nearly as good with technology as her friend was and this mission was risky enough without any other additional complications.

But once more Sache proved true to her word and after some time the security clearance and blocks were activated. Thus ensuring she would share the same visuals and audio as security yet at the same time remain unknown to them and more importantly unknown to Palpatine himself.

Outside of Sache she ensured no one else would be made aware of her actions as it was a delicate matter to begin with and Sabe feared the more people knew the more likely the birthing Alliance would be placed in danger. If anything should go wrong she was more then willing to take the entire blame for it.

It was for this reason that she began to set the second half of her plans in motion without informing even her friend or her husband.

With a deep breathe and a moment to center herself, Sabe began the daunting task of activating the hidden camera’s in her mistress quarters and office. It wasn’t the first time in her history Sabe found herself forced to do this in secret, but she never imagined she’d be doing this in preparation of Anakin’s demise as well as for the security of her best friend and former Queen.

Not unlike the last time it took more then a few tries to bypass the heavy security clearance to ensure that her tampering of this security system would remain undetected. But just when she was about to give in and admit part of her plans to Sache just in order to get the clearance codes the ‘pipelines’ opened. Quickly she began to tap into the necessary links, her thoughts already going over the next step in the plans she had already set into motion. But in her distraction and need to complete the task in as quick a time as possible Sabe didn’t pay heed to her surroundings and as such her well kept secret was about to become shared with another.
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