i_am_the_state (i_am_the_state) wrote in delta_junction,

I feel a temporal disturbance in the Force

Who: Palpatine, and no one else. =P (unless Anakin wants to pick up the previous scene at this juncture)
Where: The senatorial building, on a walk with Anakin.
When: The next day after Palpatine's rescue.
What: Experiencing the "time-rift".
Why: Because Ani's lost in a daze.

(OOC: I make this post so that Palpatine can now officially be "past the hump" and involved in the time-rift plotline. Also because I couldn't resist using the word "hump" in a post involving him and Anakin)

They had been walking along the kilometers-long window that circled this level of the senatorial building for quite a while, Palpatine gently probing at Anakin's current emotional standings with the war, his master, his feelings, his secret wife, his future child, when suddenly it happened. The occurence that had been trotting in Palpatine's foreshadowings all morning. At once, Palpatine had to immobilize himself or risk wavering like an old man. This was a disturbance in the Force unlike any other he'd experienced before. No so much for its magnitude -he'd felt much greater surges before, when the sleeping form of Darth Plagus had died under his hand- but rather for its nature. This was a disturbance that the Force itself didn't seem to know what to make of. Palpatine may be master of the Force, but what to make of this incident when even the Force was unsure about it? Oh, how very frustrating -and unprecedented- to be caught off-guard.

One thing was sure about it: other people were involved. As far as Palpatine could allow his sense to stretch out, he could feel other minds, right here, on Coruscant, who were reacting to this phenomenon with confusion equal to his.

He turned to his apprentice. Clueless young Skywalker was not one of them.

Palpatine would have to excuse himself at once and meditate on this. He had to find these other minds. And then either he, or Darth Sidious, would have to pay them a little visit.
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