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The Mouse and the Lion - A traitor in the ranks. *Open to Palpatine*

Mun's note:Scene takes place later in the evening after this particular scene.

Place: Government buildings on Coruscant.
Rating: PG at worse.
Muses: Dorme and Palpatine.
Scene Setting: A traitor talks.


Dorme moved quietly through the meandering halls of the elegant government buildings. It was later in the evening and though most of the political representitives had long since gone home for the evening the handmaiden knew that there was a very good chance that one would remain behind. After all the Supreme Chancellor was a busy man whose duties to the Republic always ensured he would much work to do at all times.

Though normally the handmaiden wouldn't dare intrupt Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from his work she found herself unable to refrain on this particular evening. Though she knew the discussion she was witness to earlier in the day was hardly what one would refer to as a direct threat, she felt the need to speak with him about it all the same. After all he had asked her to keep a watchful eye for possible dangers that might arise pertaining to the Republic's security and to report to him of anything she might find to be out of place. In this case it was something far more threatening then she could have ever imagined.

The Jedi were beginning to doubt their leader's role and position pertaining to the war. While on the surface the Jedi were a peaceful Order, Dorme had come to learn that appearances were decieving. For despite all of their talk about peace and following the paths of the the light side of the force, their actions spoke louder. While they claimed they served in the name of peace they were more then eager to draw their lightsabers in battle. While they spoke of harmony and order, they were certainly more then eager to destroy entire families by stealing newborn daughters from their mothers and sons from their fathers.

If that wasn't be enough there was the dangerous fact that they had control of all of the Clone troops and commanded them even now. If the Jedi were to turn against the Chancellor and the Republic itself, it would lead to the loss of their entire army and along with it the support of the Senate and their allies.

Such a devastation would ultimately lead to the destruction of the Republic itself and the end of the free world as they knew it. Dorme could never tolerate such a horrid possiblity and it is with this thought in mind that she found herself approaching the vast doors that led to the offices of the Supreme Chancellor himself.
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