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Closing the doors of the future, to step into the past.

The Dojo was just as she had last seen it during the final days of the Republic's reign. Sabe never realized how much she had missed it until she took her first footsteps into the building. The familiar scent of burning inscence filled her nose and instantly set her at ease with the bittersweet memories it encouraged.

This is where it all began a second time she inwardly mused remembering the first time in ten she had seen Obi-Wan had been in the master hall where they were now headed, to spar once more. Though she missed her blades Sabe admitly was reluctant to retrieve them. For she knew if they did that would mark the end of it all.

As selfish as she knew it was Sabe couldn't help but embrace these few fleeting moments with Obi-Wan for as long as she could. Though inwardly such thoughts always brought guilt questions of whether or not she was committing a grave dishonour for being so reluctant Sabe couldn't help but answer it with the excuse that she wasn't entirely certain she was in the past or if it was but a well thought out trap. Deep down she was beginning to realize this answer too was turning sour that had it been a trap it would be over already but still she clung onto it like a drowning man holding onto a life preserve.

Stepping inside she headed to the main hall remembering correctly that at this time of day it was still considered too early for the handmaidens to be to start their training. Which meant if she recalled correctly they would have at least a few hours before anyone would arrive. Moving forward to the main training hall Sabe silently parted the doors and instantly found herself lost in the memories of the past.

She could almost feel the ghosts of history sparring in this room. Of her as a child training under the watchful eyes of Tame and Captain Panaka to become Queen Amidala's Principle Handmaiden. Then later training future Principle Handmaiden's herself. There were memories of Obi-Wan first choosing the Katana to answer her challenge, only to unwittingly or perhaps wittingly train her with his skill through their spars. Then there was the moments where no physical blades were drawn, of quiet discoveries and torn loyalities that left Sabe feeling more vulnerable then she'd ever want to admit. Of having to bear witness to the Jedi Master then Knight piecing together the information that would have him understand his Padawan's decision to marry her best friend. Then later the poignant verbal spar that pertained to the very same Padawan not Knight that almost tore her heart apart.

A shiver ran down her spine at that thought and Sabe caught her breathe as she remembered the extremely volatile experience in which her fears of Anakin's darkness was confirmed.


Even now the very name made her blood turn to lava and her skin as cold as steel. But after the strange encounter with the hero with no fear Sabe found out first hand there were far more important matters in life then dwelling on personal rage and the insatiable need for revenge. Obi-Wan's well-being being the most important of these matters. So during the said incident she was quick learn this much needed lesson and had promptly accepted the silent honour of being his much needed support...
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