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*Flashback scene pre-AOTC* Secrets revealed and Irony Discovered.

Sabe felt her heart slip to her throat as she returned to the handmaiden’s quarters only to find Sache looking rather intrigued as she studied the elegant Katana that normally rested on her hip. IT wasn’t so much the fact her friend was eyeing the sheathed blade but rather the worn out ribbon that rested on its hilt. For all intents and purposes the ribbon was quite a colourful but poignant choice of décor but upon closer examination it reveals evident signs of wear as the ribbons are literally worn to threads in some places and quite frayed at the end. Yet in doing so it had only served to expose its true secret through the frizzy blonde bits of braid that is peeking out from beneath. To which Sabe prayed Sache wouldn’t pick up on but knew by the look on her face she had just done so.

“Sache what are you doing with my sword?”

She moved promptly to grab it but the fellow handmaiden was far swifter and soon was clutching the blade close to her and grinning wickedly.

“Nevermind what I was doing, I want to know what you’re up too! Come on now Sabe what’s the real story behind this raggedy hair extension?”

She said twirling the ribbon as Sabe’s cheeks lit up on fire.

“Oh and don’t bother trying the line it’s too long a story for me to find out or whatever such nonsense I’m sure you’re going to try and come out with. Cause I have all day if necessary.”

Sabe was suddenly thankful that Sache was alone. Dealing with her teasing was bad enough without having her other sisters around to worsen this already embarrassing moment.

“It’s a good-luck charm alright? It calms me nothing more, nothing less.”

Sache raised a brow as she stepped back to Sabe’s attempt to grab the sheathed weapon once more.

“You’re a terrible liar and you know it. Heaven’s only know how you found yourself a position in intelligence. Now let’s try this again.

An age old hair extension that should have been tossed years ago finds its way into the weavings of your blades charms and you expect me to believe it’s just a lucky charm? Come now what sort of fool do you think I am? While the others may believe it’s just blonde because it’s been washed too many times but me…I know how these things are.”

“Do you.”

Sabe said in carefully neutral tones as she could though she was certain her glowing cheeks were a dead give away to her real thoughts. Sache instantly pick up on this and crowed in triumph.

“I knew it!! You do have a sweetheart!!!”


Sache grinned as she stepped closer but was still careful to leave the blade out of Sabe’s reach.

“So who is it? Come on you can tell me!”

Sabe rolled her eyes deciding against attempting to wrestle the blade from Sache knowing how pointless that was certain to be. Folding her arms she also surmised she may as well admit the truth while she could lest her friend nag her until the end of time.

“It was a gift from a friend.”

Sache raised a brow curiously before making a face.

“A braid of hair? What kind of gift is that? Talk about arrogant.”

Instantly Sabe was on edge feeling the need to defend Obi-Wan’s good name as she quickly retorted.

“It’s not like that.”

“Seriously, Sabe why a braid of hair?”

“It’s more then just a braid of hair Sache. It’s a Jedi Padawan’s braid.”

She blanched realizing her mistake instantly as Sache’s expression carried the evident shock that now poured off of her in waves.

“…A Jedi gave this to you? But I thought they weren’t permitted to have attachments?”

More agitation edged Sabe’s thoughts but she bit her lip knowing that Sache wouldn’t understand as she had not been witness

“They don’t, and he doesn’t. It was a gesture of respect and friendship nothing more.”

“Nothing more indeed. Then why is it you almost had a heart attack when you thought Eirtae threw it out? Nevermind the fact you have it tied to your blade as though it held mystical properties.”

Sache’s eyes danced now in mischievous joy as she realized she had struck the right chord with the now crimson faced Sabe.

“So who is this elusive Jedi Padawan, who is nothing more then just a respecting friend?”

Sabe frowned as she closed her eyes trying to find her center. Sache as sweet as she was could be down right insufferable at times and this unfortunately was one of them.

“How many Jedi do you think I know Sache?”

The woman just shrugged her expression curious and obviously amused.

“I will tell you on the condition it remains between us only. I don’t even want Lady Padme to know, it’s bad enough your never going to give me rest I don’t need having the Queen and gods knows who else reading into this all wrong.”

Sache eyes turned eager as she nodded solemnly in reply.

“You have my word Sabe. You secret is safe with me.”

Sabe then raised a brow knowing Sache was renowned for keeping her word and holding secrets but in this moment it just didn’t seem quite enough and so she offered a smirk of her own.

“But there is another catch. Seeing as I am about to give you the name of an old friend, you have to tell me the name of the one who has caught your fancy as you admitted some months ago.”

Now it was Sache’s turn to blush as she gaped at Sabe in shock.

“That was a mistake. I’ve changed my mind since then. Besides it’s not like your being fair! I don’t even know your mysterious friend Sabe.”

“I wouldn’t say that Sache, but if you want to find out who it is you have to tell me who it is or was rather that had caught your eyes.”

Sache frowned as the conflict was evident in her eyes marking to Sabe that in the end her friend would cave in for her curiosity always got the better of her in the end.

“Fine. You win. But you have to swear that you won’t tell anyone either. Especially the person in question. It’s bad enough to knowing I was so stupid to fancy them in the first place without them learning of it.”

Sabe bowed her head in seriousness as she nodded.

“You have my word.”

“Very well. So who is your Jedi friend?”

Sabe fell silent for a moment her thoughts instantly drifting back to the early days when she was just beginning her duties as a decoy where as the young knight to be was completing his last days as a Padawan. A smile crept onto her features as she recalled how she first met him through his rather grand entrance.

“Do you remember when we were being escorted out of the Theed Palace by the droids during the initial invasion how there were two Jedi who had literally jumped from the balcony above us and killed our captors?”

Sache nodded her eyes beginning to dance as she pieced the information together.

“Quite the grand entrance if I recall correctly. So it was the older Jedi’s apprentice wasn’t it?”

Sache concluded as Sabe nodded slightly in reply.

“Well Jedi Kenobi isn’t a Padawan anymore obviously but yes, he was the one who gave me the braid upon his initiation into knighthood.”

Sache grinned at the words, for though she had never even spoke to the Jedi in question she knew of him well enough to put a face to the name.

“He was pretty handsome if I recall correctly. Though apparently he left a far greater impression on you then you had us believe!”

Sache said with a teasing smile as Sabe sighed deeply.

“Good grief Sache would you shut up! I already told you he was a friend nothing more.”

Sache only poked out her tongue in reply as Sabe made a face.

“Now it’s your turn Sache.”

Sabe stated with a wry smile as Sache blushed further.

“You really didn’t think I’d forget so easily did you?”

She added as her friend squirmed.

“No but I was hoping you would.”

Sabe only raised a brow as she motioned with her hand for Sache to hand over the blade to which the handmaiden does with a reluctant sigh.

“Fine…Fine. Remember you’re not to breathe a word!”

Sabe nodded.

“Of course not, but you better not forget either got it?”

Sache sighed deeply as she nodded as well before taking a deep breathe as she quietly began to pick at the corner of the sleeve of her gown. An obvious sign to Sabe that her friend was nervous or embarrassed although her glowing cheeks served as a dead give away as well.

“For the record I don’t like him that way anymore. He’s just too insufferable to even remotely regard in that light anymore. But at the time I didn’t know that so…well you know how it is.”

Sabe waited in patience for her friend to continue and after a long moment she quietly confessed.

“…It was, keyword being was, Soren.”

That shocked Sabe whose eyes widened now. That was the last person she’d ever expect her friend to admit to liking. Whenever they were together it was like a watching a ship crash, it was terrifying yet one couldn’t stop staring. She had never seen two people row so much in her life and it was always over the silliest and pointless things. If she didn’t know any better she’d almost swear they enjoyed fighting.

“You mean Captain Typho?”

Sache didn’t respond her cheeks glowing even brighter if that was possible but at Sabe soft laughter she finally muttered.

“I say I used to. I don’t like him like that anymore.”

“So I noticed! I always thought you hated him.”

“I do! I mean I don’t hate him literally I just can’t stand him that’s all.”

Sabe smirked but said nothing further as Rabe entered the room instantly marking the end of the discussion for both girls. If she noticed that both were blushing deeply Rabe was too polite to speak of it as she bowed to them her expression all business marking that the Queen was nearby.

“Sabe, Sache both of your presence is needed. The queen has requested you begin preparations for the coming meeting with the negotiations with the Separatists. As you already know you will be representing her for the first two of the meetings before completing your others tasks during the last two.

As for Sache because of Sabe’s current duties Queen Amidala saw it fit for you to join the Captain in the preparations of security for the upcoming arrival of our ‘guests’.”

Sabe tried her best not to smirk but the grudging dread that crept onto Sache’s features did a fine job of bury the nerves that always accompanied Sabe whenever she had to act as the Queen’s decoy. It wasn’t that she was afraid of her job and the risks involved but she was fearful of failing her highness and lately she found it was growing more and more difficult to hide the obvious fact that while they appeared quite similar in appearance Sabe had grown a lot taller since her initial days as Principle Handmaiden and decoy. It would only be a matter of time before she was discovered and the thought always filled her with fear for Padme’s safety.

But ever the dutiful handmaiden she only bowed and thanked Rabe before quietly departing as Sache frowned deeply and muttered under her breathe as to why the gods had to curse her in such a way that she’d be forced to work with the most annoying man in the universe.
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