Captain Soren Typho (captypho) wrote in delta_junction,
Captain Soren Typho

The Search for the Elusive Handmaiden

Who: Typho, Saché, Sabé, Obi-Wan, Amidala?, (Open)
Where: Senatorial Buildings, Jedi Temple, Various
When: Third Day after Obi/Sab's arrival, Day after Qui-Gon thread
Rating: G-PG

Captain Soren Typho had just returned from a short leave of absence in which he had returned to the city of Keren on Naboo. He was lucky to have been able to attend his younger brother's wedding and was thankful to see his family again. Of course, upon arrival back to Coruscant, a ton of duties awaited him. It was nice to know that he was needed, but it was also quite burdensome after having a brief relief of duties.

The irony, he thought upon learning that his second-in-command, Sabé Nabish had gone missing a few days ago. His first thought was that she had another mission which involved going under cover as one of the Separatist informers as she had done on many occassions before, but she had always notified him of this. True, he had been away, but certainly, she would have left a coded message of some kind. This was quite unlike her indeed.

Something was up and this worried him.

Though he knew she wouldn't be there, he went to her quarters to see if there were any clues left behind as to her whereabouts.
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