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who; Padmé, Anakin, Queen Apailana, Sabé, Saché.
where; Padmé's penthouse, where else? lol.
what; The Queen is determined to speak with Padmé about her pregnancy.
when; A few days after Sabé reveals Padmé's pregnancy to the Queen.

- - - - - - - - - -

"No thank you, Moteé. I'm fine for the moment." Padmé smiled appreciatively in the direction of the young handmaiden, who was trying offer her some of the food she had prepared for herself and Ellé. Normally, the Senator would've excepted the offer, having been gripped by the odd eating habits her pregnant state demanded of her, but at the moment, that same state was putting her in an odd mood, where she just didn't feel like eating. It wasn't nausea or morning sickness, more of a discomforting feeling, as the baby was moving rather actively within her, bumping a variety of her internal organs as it pleased. She remembered Sola saying that being able to feel the baby moving within her was one of the most wonderful experiences of her life. Padmé, however, found it rather annoying and was finding it difficult to focus her mind on the speech she should've finished days ago.

Moteé, not knowing that her mistress was pregnant like her three elder handmaidens did, simply eyed the senator with curiosity for a moment, before leaving Padmé's quarters and disappearing down the hall of the building to the handmaiden residence.

At the table that was normally used for eating meals, Padmé sat, still surrounded by various document readers containing references she was intending on quoting in her speech. Tearing her eyes away from the few rough paragraphs she'd managed to jot down, she'd take a brief sip of tea, before jumping slightly and nearly spitting the tea all over the table. Quickly swallowing as to not do exactly that, she'd exclaim in annoyance: "The last thing I need is a hole in my lungs."

Looking down at her concealed, swollen form, she'd speak in a slightly annoyed tone, as if the child within her could hear. "I'd really appreciate it if you'd refrain from kicking, prodding, and bouncing upon my organs. Please go to sleep. Mommy needs to get some work done and you're breaking my concentration."

Sighing heavily, she'd prop one arm up on the table's surface and return what she could manage of her concentration to working on the speech.
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Disguised ambivalence

Who: Palpatine/Darth Sidious and Dormé
What: Scheming
Where: In an alley of coruscant
When: Night, TR+3 (day three after the Time Rift)

Darth Sidious was cloaked in his usual black garnment, which reinforced the projection of anonymity he always cast into the minds of all he met, so that even those who knew Palpatine personally would be hard-pressed to actually find the shady form of Sidious familiar. On this night, he would meet the handmaiden Dormé, confidant of senator Amidala. She had, a day ago, been rebuked by Palpatine while trying to convey sensitive information to him, and earlier today had -conveniently- received a message summoning her to meet with a trader named Pievel Cyr, in regards to "Jedi business", in an alley of the upper-to-mid level of Coruscant.

Facts were: there really was a Pievel Cyr, expecting a lady, Ludmilla Menup, in a not-too-distance neighborhood this very same night. The "Jedi business" actually concerned the black market sale of a rare illustrated album starring the fictional hero and Jedi master Vustiva Stack. The benign message, extracted from a database populated by Palpatine's plethora of contacts and containing millions of such unofficial dealings of varying scope, had been replicated, the name of the recipient changed to Dormé, and place of meeting altered. Ludmilla Menup was currently in the process of being murdered, so that she would never show up at her appointed meeting with Pievel Cyr. Dormé would be able to claim that she truly was the intended recipient of the message and had gotten lost on the way to meet Cyr. It all held together.

Of course, at the appointed meeting place, Dormé would not meet Pievel Cyr, but rather Darth Sidious himself. He would take her under his wing, in answer to Palpatine's rude dismissal. This would ultimately provide a good test of her allegiances, and Sidious would be in prime position to decide whom to have her betray, including possibly himself.

He was also actually eager to learn whatever name or names she may have to report to him, for those might very well be the elusive ones who'd been directly affected by the recent disturbance in the Force, and whom he had not yet been able to pinpoint.

Silently, perfectly camouflaged, he waited. Only those he allowed to see him would. It was rather unusual, and somewhat exhilirating, for Sidious to be making a meeting in person like this. His alter-ego Palpatine usually got to get out more often he did, but for first-time meetings it was best to do it in person whenever possible. Not only would it maximize the lasting effect his forbodding presence would have on his quarry, but he also couldn't trust them yet to have a secure enough communications device to reach him any other way. The one he clutched under his robes now would provide all the privacy Dormé and he would need in the future.

Apologies and denied motives.

Who: Saché, Sabé, Padmé
Where: Sabé's quarters later Padmé's quarters
What: Sabé apologizes for atrocious behavior pertaining to Padmé's pregnancy.
When: Later that night after Suspicions and secrets but before Crossing another line..
True remorse is never just regret over consequence; it is regret over motive. ~Mignon McLaughlin

Sabé knew it was coming. In fact she was actually surprised to find it took as long as it did for Saché to storm into her room. No that it mattered it wasn’t like she could sleep anyways.

“Okay Sabé Nabish you better start talking and fast cause you have just achieved the impossible; making me more furious that Soren does.”

“My quarrel is not with you Saché now please get out.”

Saché moved in and stood her ground with arms folded and eyes flashing in anger.

“The minute you exploded on poor Padmé like that you did. As I said before, I know you’re working late hours and haven’t been sleeping. If it’s Soren being an ignoramus and scheduling you to work extra hours than let me know and I’ll give him a piece of my mind and take care of it for you. But the fact of the matter is-“

“You know I’m right Saché. Anakin is nothing but a selfish disgusting cretin who pretends to be a loyal Jedi.”

Sabé stated cutting Saché off as her temper rose. However Saché wasn’t’ about to back down either and cast Sabé a look of annoyance and confusion.

“What in your craw about Jedi Skywalker anyways Sabé ever since you got back from you mission you’ve been utterly beastly towards him. I know you’ve never been fond of him and lets be honest I’m not over crazy about the man either.

I mean he’s even worse than I am when it comes to talking first and thinking later, and can be as arrogant as Soren at times, but Padmé loves him and he loves her back. That’s all we need to know. This isn’t our business, so let it go!”

“There is more going on than you realize Saché. Trust me when I say something very sinister is occurring as we speak. Something so dark that it will destroy everything we serve and love unless I stop it.”

Saché furrowed her brow in concern.

“And this has to with Jedi Skywalker because?”

Sabé didn’t respond and so Saché continued.

“Well even so you know as well as I do he is on our side in this matter all the Jedi are and if this threat is as real as you say you will need his help to ensure it doesn’t come to pass.”

Sabé curled a lip in disgust at her friend’s words. On our side indeed she mused darkly. I’ll have to remind you of this discussion when you first encounter Lord Vader. Not that it will happen because he will be dead before it gets to that point she inwardly surmised as she shook her head in reply.

“Nevermind I didn’t expect you to understand.”

Saché eyes filled with concern as Sabé felt them lingering on her brow as she consciously slipped a hand to adjust her hair to cover the rather large scar that decorated it.

“This is about your past mission isn’t it?”Read more...Collapse )
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who; Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
where; Padmé's office within the Naboo Embassy.
what; Needing to speak with Obi-Wan in regards to Sabé.
when; After the Queen learns of Padmé's pregnancy; before Dormé sees Sabé with Obi-Wan.

- - - - - - - - - -

Padmé had always considered Sabé to be one of the few people she could rely on, she could trust. Having been immersed in the vast world of politics since a young age, Sabé had been the closest thing Padmé had ever had to a best friend. Holding the rank and status of one of Padmé's chief protectors, Sabé was always around and was in many ways closer to Padmé than anyone, with the exception of Anakin, would ever be. Closer than even her own sister. Padmé considered Sabé to be part of the make-shift family she'd formed in this political realm she dwelled in, and cherished the members of that family as much as she did her own flesh and blood. And to have Sabé lash out at her in such a harsh tongue...it inflicted a wound worse than the one from the nexu that scarred her back.

Saché claimed that Sabé had been under a lot of stress as of late and hadn't been sleeping well. This was a concept Padmé found hard to grasp. Not because Sabé was highly stressed out, for it was very clear that she was, it was that Sabé hadn't mentioned anything to Padmé about it or it's cause. Had Sabé even tried to talk to her about it? Padmé thought that Sabé knew she could come to her about anything. If something was the matter, if something was stressing her out...perhaps there was something Padmé could to do relieve some of that stress. Perhaps Sabé had, and the pregnant senator had been to wrapped up in her own selfish pity that she'd neglected to notice.

Maybe this stress Sabé was under had something to do with the mission she'd been sent on. The mission Padmé had sent her on. And while Padmé had been given a detail report of the information that had been gathered on that mission, she'd yet to talk to Sabé about it - how she felt about the mission, if anything had happened to her...

At the moment, Padmé was still feeling a bit uncomfortable in Sabé's presence after dropping the news of her pregnancy upon her, Dormé, and Saché. She wasn't ready to approach her yet, wanting to give her time to cool off. Space. So, she sought out the person who'd first come in contact with Sabé after her return from the mission. Maybe Obi-Wan had been clued into something she hadn't and could point Padmé in the right direction to mending the friendship she feared was in the starting stages of falling apart.
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And the Darkness wrapped around her like a cloak...

Who: Obi-Wan, Sabé, Dormé
Where: Jedi Temple Dormitories.
When: 3-4 weeks after meeting with Master Windu.

Sabé had long since grown used to the nightmares and the lack of sleep they encouraged. She tried to meditate to clear her thoughts or at least find some semblance of peace but none seemed to come for the exhausted former decoy.

Once more she found herself going over the plans she had worked over with Master Windu and the information collected from the video feeds that had been transfered to her personal security systems. There wasn't enough to find anything solid to take the Chancellor to trial not that they would, but for securing evidence to prevent the coming storm that would be certain to occur after words they would need something a little more solid.

However the more obvious complication came from the lack of evidence found on his unwitting protégé Anakin. That was more than a little disconcerting as she knew without question what was to come and felt more then a little agitated to find so little that would help convince others of what she had always known. It was all happening again and Sabé couldn't help but feel as though she was racing in a direction she couldn't see all the while too afraid to look behind her lest she witness whatever it was that seemed to be trying to consume her.

She could not let the Empire be born. It had to be stopped no matter the cost and in these dark hours it was the only thing that seemed to provided her any comfort. Even Obi-Wan's normally soothing presence was losing it's potent calm. But even so she couldn't help but be drawn to him, she wanted to be near him to feel his warm aura dance and hum in her thoughts and his arms holding her close. Even if it came at the price of worsening nightmares she'd rather wake-up by his side than alone.

So it was with this thought in mind that she slipped on her cloak and began her journey down the security halls or 'ghost halls' as she nicknamed them in memory of Naboo in the direction of Obi-Wan's quarters. Unfortunately her frequent departures at late hours was beginning to draw some attention and soon another was trailing her footsteps but at a safe distance away so as not to draw attention from the distracted Sabé whoses thoughts were torn between her need for vengeance or as she saw it the protection of the Republic and the future and her desire to see her husband once more.

Soon she found her way to the Jedi Temple and with skilled steps she headed to the dormitories of the Jedi Knights and Masters until she found the one in question. Pausing she movedt o punch the codes but frantically realized she had forgotten them in her exhausted state of mind. Frowning she tried again but to no avail. Sighing deeply she bit her lip unable to resist a hint of guilt at the fact she was about to wake Obi-Wan from his slumber but unable to resist the need to see him either. Activating the chime she waited with much impatience for him to answer the door, all the while eager to feel his arms around her once more.
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Crossing another line...

Who:Sabé, Captain Typho
Where: Security Office.
What: Matter pertaining to Padmé's pregnancy.
When: Two days after "Suspicions and Secrets"

Sabé couldn't remember how long she remained frozen in position staring at the image that returned her tired gaze in the mirror. She was exhausted, as always it seemed now. She couldn't quite say what it was that was causing her nightmares but she knew that somehow it had something to do with the events that were certain to come. That is if she didn't succeed in her mission to destroy the threats. The thought caused her hand to slip to the hidden comlink that remained unseeing from watchful eyes in one of the many pockets of her dress.

This has to be done she told herself for the umpteenth time finding now in her sleep deprived state of mind she was staring through her image rather than at it. I can't fail her as I did before. I won't fail her. Not this time.

Somehow the words just seemed hollow but she managed to make herself believe the lies once more that this was only about removing the threat. That she was doing this for the safety of her bestfriend, for the safety of her unborn children and not for personal vengeance.

"Why are you doing this?"

She whispered softly outloud, her lips moving of their own accord the silent struggle for a but a moment making its way to her concious thoughts. But in her exhausted daze she didn't even register that she had spoken. Instead she finally pulled herself away from the mirror as she grabbed her sword and wrapped its belt around her hips before letting her hands graze to the unfurling ribbon. Once satisfied everything was in order she left her personal quarters and headed to the security offices some floors below.

She knew he would be there the Captain always was at this time of evening. It would be a private enough place for the discussion needed and Sabé had no fear that there would be any intruptions this time. Saché was busy training Dormé and Moteé was with Padmé in one of her meetings. The rest of the security staff were either one duty or at home.

But as she wandered out of the transport that brought her to the security level Sabé found herself feeling more torn within. Was this considered betrayal? Had she not sworn to remain silent out of respect to her dearest friend and former Queen? But if ultimately doing so meant Padmé's life would be placed in danger than some promises would have to be comprimised she told herself.

Biting her lip her hands slipped to the ribbon and twisting it once more she eventaully approached the security office and paused. The struggle within was a powerful one but for some reason it wasn't so hard to bury the doubts this time. Though in reality it was a sign of growing darkness Sabé in her ignorance believed it to be nothing more then confirmation that this had to be done.

Activating the doors code she quietly stepped inside and paused waiting for the captain to notice her before bowing in greeting and speaking.

"Captain Typho, please forgive my intrusion at this late hour, but I do believe there is a matter we must discuss that is of the utmost importance..."
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All roads to hell are paved with good intentions...

Who: Mace Windu, Sabé
Where: Jedi Temple.
Why: Discussion pertaining to tapping into a certain Chosen One’s quarters via security cams.
When: About a week after With eyes ever watchful.

Sabé was nervous and rightfully so. Her reason for being in this place was not as professional as she would have cared to admit, nor as personal as she would have liked. This was business to say the least but not one she’d care to have anyone learn about, at least most anyone. But after the incident in the security office a couple of days ago Sabé found her thoughts once more returning to the discussion that was exchanged between Master Windu and Obi-Wan. Though she couldn’t say to what extent the Jedi Master would be willing to help Sabé knew without question he was an ally to say the least. His mutual distrust or so it appeared towards Anakin was an asset she never would have considered had she not witnessed Anakin’s complaints about the man. But between that obvious clue and Obi-Wan’s remark that Master Windu was trustworthy Sabé was able to convince herself that this was the proper course of action.

Moving quietly through halls of the Jedi Temple Sabé tried to ignore the exhaustion she felt. It had been at least two nights since she was able to get a decent rest and even the brief time she was able to spend in her husbands arms seemed to be of little help. This alone troubled her deeply as Sabé found she could never sleep as well as she did when she was in her love’s arms. But the nightmares wouldn’t leave her be and they seemed to grow even more vivid and volatile with each passing night. If only she could figure out why it was now that she was experiencing them and not during the time when she was healing back on Tatooine. In the end she could only surmise this was a sign that she could not fail in her duties to protect her mistress. That she had to destroy this darkness lest she lose her friends, family and the Republic itself once more.

Taking a deep breath she let her hand slip to the worn ribbon that hung freely from the blade by her side. Twirling and wrapping it around her fingers she didn’t notice that the base of the braided ribbon was beginning to fray further beneath her touch. Small bits of burgundy and orange strings loosened from their woven positions and were soon separated completely. Gently they floated without drawing so much as a hint of attention their presence long forgotten before they landed softly on the ground. Like a silent warning of what was to come they marked the beginning of the end for more than just the charm that hung from her sword.

But lost in her thoughts none of this went noticed as Sabé couldn’t help but feel more than a little internal frustration over the fact that she had foolishly erased the codes Obi-Wan had given her for the “pipelines” that would activate and monitor Anakin’s quarters. Now only after wasting more than a few hours attempting to tap into the Jedi security systems did Sabé finally swallow her fears and take the risk of approaching Master Windu for aid.

In reality she knew she could have just as easily returned to Obi-Wan and asked for his assistance but she didn’t want to have to explain why she lost the first set he had given her. Or more exactly she wasn’t ready to admit to herself just why she had erased the codes in the first place. Then of course there was the fact that the entire matter of Anakin was a delicate subject to say the least for both of them. While Obi-Wan saw Anakin’s downfall something that could be prevented Sabé knew without question this was more than a little wishful thinking by a pure-hearted soul who saw good in even the darkest of creatures. Little could she have guessed that in the end it would be this merciful trait that would save her from her own darkness.

But for now all she could see was a threat that had to be eliminated and prevented no matter what. And if going behind Obi-Wan’s back to ensure this came to pass was what would be needed to accomplish this then so be it. Quietly approaching a young Jedi Knight, Sabé politely asked if she could speak to someone about requesting the private audience of Jedi Master Windu himself. The young woman nodded politely in reply and said that she would help her locate the Jedi Master himself to which Sabé was more than a little grateful. In silence she followed the Knight her thoughts already going through what she was going to say and how she would approach the matter of Anakin’s danger to the Jedi Council and to the Republic itself. She could only hope that Master Windu would understand her concerns and would be willing assist her in her mission to put an end to this madness before it began.

After some time they approach a small room to which the young knight quietly explained she would inform the Jedi Master that Sabé wished to speak to him in private, before permitting her access to the meditation hall. With a polite bow and a grateful thank-you Sabé soon found herself alone once more as she patiently waited for the young knight to return and inform her if her request would be granted or not.
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Suspicions and Secrets...

Who: Dormé,Saché,Sabé and Padmé.
Where: Where else? Padme's Living Quarters ;)
When: Post Alliance meeting and meeting with Qui-Gon.

Saché was downright worried for her mistress and it showed. Though she was ironically too polite to outright demand to know what was wrong she was more the comfortable to confront Sabé and Dormé about her thoughts on the matter.

“I think we should definitely approach her about going to a doctor. She is really beginning to worry me.”

Dormé nodded slightly in reply her eyes filled with concern for her mistress although she too seemed to carry a hint of knowing or at least suspecting something further. Sabé on the other hand looked almost expectant as though she knew something that the other two didn’t. This only seemed to encourage Sache’s persistence that much more as she turned to face the principle handmaiden in concern.

“She’s ill isn’t she? Padmé told you something and then swore you to silence didn’t she?”

Sabé shook her head as she sighed softly her fingers slipping to the ribbon on her blade which only amplified Saché’s concerns.

“Then what is it? What is going on? You’ve seen how she’s been acting lately? So moody, jumpy down right sad if you ask me. I wonder if perhaps the stress is getting to her.”

Always the cool headed one Sabé shook her head in reply as she remarked casually.

“I definitely agree that stress is a factor, one of many actually.”

At this Dormé eyes sparkled as though she had her own suspicions but this seemed to be missed by both women who continued their discussion.

“She’s been falling ill a lot lately as well. Almost like clockwork.”

Saché continued as she folded her arms.

“Like a flu that never quite goes away.”

Sabé just cast Saché an expectant look that caught her friend off guard as she shook her head in confusion. Having grown up as an only child Saché’s experience with pregnancies was rare to say the least. Added to the fact she had spend most of her life training and serving as a handmaiden she was that much more naive in such matters and it showed to the two women who stared at her in disbelief.

“What? Why are you two staring at me like I just sprout a second head?”

She exclaimed in confusion as Sabé raised a brow as Dormé giggled.

“Saché my friend while as brilliant as you are it would seem there are a lot of things left in this life that you need to learn.”

This completely baffled her as Dormé continued to giggle only to turn silent as Saché cast a sharp look in her direction.

“Okay care to explain?”

Dormé couldn’t resist and quietly spoke up.

“I think Lady Padmé is expecting.”

Saché blinked in surprise before turning five shades of red. She knew she should have picked up on that, especially with the growing bulge of her mistress waist. But in her naivety she just once more placed it as a side effect of stress, as her appetite had increased quite a bit as well. After all generally it was a given that most people when stressed did eat more then usual, just stress was known to make people ill as well. Yet even this fact did little to lessen her humiliation as she quickly snapped a reply.

“I knew that.”

Her friend rolled her eyes and Saché was about to argue the point further in her defence when she heard the door to the handmaiden’s living room slide open marking the entrance of the Senator herself. Falling silent the discussion came to a prompt ending as the three women turned to face her bowing deeply in greeting.
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With Eyes ever watchful...

Who: Sabe, Mace Windu
Where: Security office – lower levels of the Senate State building
What: Setting plans in motion for Palpatine’s downfall amongst other things…
Time: Two weeks after “Foundations of the Alliance.”

The hour is late when the principle handmaiden found herself sifting through the security camera logs. Fast forwarding some, rewinding other all in the hopes of finding something, anything of significance that might shed light on what she knew to be fact.

So far Sabe found minor pieces of evidence through paper work, through recorded messages but nothing substantial enough to present to Obi-Wan nevermind the rest of the Jedi Council. The thought of her husband made Sabe sigh deeply as she tried once more to go through the long complicated codes she learnt from Sache that would override the security camera’s to the Chancellor’s office. The sooner she could get it done the soon she could call it a day and slip off to the Jedi Master’s quarters. It had been almost two weeks since her last nightly visit and she was more then a little eager to find herself in his arms once more.

After what seemed like an eternity a small blue light appeared on the console as a simple message read:

Security code confirmed.

Sabe smiled in obvious relief as she promptly began to key in a series of codes that would open the ‘pipelines’ as Sache nicknamed the connections which activated he virtually unknown and rarely used hidden camera’s that Captain Typho had added throughout the Government building.

Sitting back in the small chair that was surrounded by screens and consoles Sabe couldn’t help but hold her breath once more. While activating the cameras was easy enough, there was no guarantee the transfer of information to her own personal security links would be successful. While Sache promised the codes were foolproof Sabe was a bit more skeptical. After all she wasn’t nearly as good with technology as her friend was and this mission was risky enough without any other additional complications.

But once more Sache proved true to her word and after some time the security clearance and blocks were activated. Thus ensuring she would share the same visuals and audio as security yet at the same time remain unknown to them and more importantly unknown to Palpatine himself.

Outside of Sache she ensured no one else would be made aware of her actions as it was a delicate matter to begin with and Sabe feared the more people knew the more likely the birthing Alliance would be placed in danger. If anything should go wrong she was more then willing to take the entire blame for it.

It was for this reason that she began to set the second half of her plans in motion without informing even her friend or her husband.

With a deep breathe and a moment to center herself, Sabe began the daunting task of activating the hidden camera’s in her mistress quarters and office. It wasn’t the first time in her history Sabe found herself forced to do this in secret, but she never imagined she’d be doing this in preparation of Anakin’s demise as well as for the security of her best friend and former Queen.

Not unlike the last time it took more then a few tries to bypass the heavy security clearance to ensure that her tampering of this security system would remain undetected. But just when she was about to give in and admit part of her plans to Sache just in order to get the clearance codes the ‘pipelines’ opened. Quickly she began to tap into the necessary links, her thoughts already going over the next step in the plans she had already set into motion. But in her distraction and need to complete the task in as quick a time as possible Sabe didn’t pay heed to her surroundings and as such her well kept secret was about to become shared with another.
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