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All roads to hell are paved with good intentions...

Who: Mace Windu, Sabé
Where: Jedi Temple.
Why: Discussion pertaining to tapping into a certain Chosen One’s quarters via security cams.
When: About a week after With eyes ever watchful.

Sabé was nervous and rightfully so. Her reason for being in this place was not as professional as she would have cared to admit, nor as personal as she would have liked. This was business to say the least but not one she’d care to have anyone learn about, at least most anyone. But after the incident in the security office a couple of days ago Sabé found her thoughts once more returning to the discussion that was exchanged between Master Windu and Obi-Wan. Though she couldn’t say to what extent the Jedi Master would be willing to help Sabé knew without question he was an ally to say the least. His mutual distrust or so it appeared towards Anakin was an asset she never would have considered had she not witnessed Anakin’s complaints about the man. But between that obvious clue and Obi-Wan’s remark that Master Windu was trustworthy Sabé was able to convince herself that this was the proper course of action.

Moving quietly through halls of the Jedi Temple Sabé tried to ignore the exhaustion she felt. It had been at least two nights since she was able to get a decent rest and even the brief time she was able to spend in her husbands arms seemed to be of little help. This alone troubled her deeply as Sabé found she could never sleep as well as she did when she was in her love’s arms. But the nightmares wouldn’t leave her be and they seemed to grow even more vivid and volatile with each passing night. If only she could figure out why it was now that she was experiencing them and not during the time when she was healing back on Tatooine. In the end she could only surmise this was a sign that she could not fail in her duties to protect her mistress. That she had to destroy this darkness lest she lose her friends, family and the Republic itself once more.

Taking a deep breath she let her hand slip to the worn ribbon that hung freely from the blade by her side. Twirling and wrapping it around her fingers she didn’t notice that the base of the braided ribbon was beginning to fray further beneath her touch. Small bits of burgundy and orange strings loosened from their woven positions and were soon separated completely. Gently they floated without drawing so much as a hint of attention their presence long forgotten before they landed softly on the ground. Like a silent warning of what was to come they marked the beginning of the end for more than just the charm that hung from her sword.

But lost in her thoughts none of this went noticed as Sabé couldn’t help but feel more than a little internal frustration over the fact that she had foolishly erased the codes Obi-Wan had given her for the “pipelines” that would activate and monitor Anakin’s quarters. Now only after wasting more than a few hours attempting to tap into the Jedi security systems did Sabé finally swallow her fears and take the risk of approaching Master Windu for aid.

In reality she knew she could have just as easily returned to Obi-Wan and asked for his assistance but she didn’t want to have to explain why she lost the first set he had given her. Or more exactly she wasn’t ready to admit to herself just why she had erased the codes in the first place. Then of course there was the fact that the entire matter of Anakin was a delicate subject to say the least for both of them. While Obi-Wan saw Anakin’s downfall something that could be prevented Sabé knew without question this was more than a little wishful thinking by a pure-hearted soul who saw good in even the darkest of creatures. Little could she have guessed that in the end it would be this merciful trait that would save her from her own darkness.

But for now all she could see was a threat that had to be eliminated and prevented no matter what. And if going behind Obi-Wan’s back to ensure this came to pass was what would be needed to accomplish this then so be it. Quietly approaching a young Jedi Knight, Sabé politely asked if she could speak to someone about requesting the private audience of Jedi Master Windu himself. The young woman nodded politely in reply and said that she would help her locate the Jedi Master himself to which Sabé was more than a little grateful. In silence she followed the Knight her thoughts already going through what she was going to say and how she would approach the matter of Anakin’s danger to the Jedi Council and to the Republic itself. She could only hope that Master Windu would understand her concerns and would be willing assist her in her mission to put an end to this madness before it began.

After some time they approach a small room to which the young knight quietly explained she would inform the Jedi Master that Sabé wished to speak to him in private, before permitting her access to the meditation hall. With a polite bow and a grateful thank-you Sabé soon found herself alone once more as she patiently waited for the young knight to return and inform her if her request would be granted or not.
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After having a meeting with Saesee Tiin, in which Mace attempted to figure out the Iktotchian's position on the Supreme Chancellor. Whilst Mace was already well aware of what Master Yoda would say, that having the Council take control of the Senate would lead them to a 'dark place' he wasn't sure about the rest of the Council's positions.

In Mace's mind, this was about saving hundreds of millions of lives, not about power. He knew what was right. Right, was getting rid of the Chancellor using any means possible, sacrificing the least amount of lives to accomplish it. He needed fellow Jedi Masters on his side without having to tell them about the chancellor being a Sith Master.

Mace had thought this over very carefully since the first meeting with Kenobi. If there was a Master, there was an apprentice. There were always two, even Master Yoda had as much. If he did not have one now, he would be recruiting. Skywalker was awfully close to the chancellor. Mace had his supsicions about the boy all along, but if he was being in trained in secret in the ways of the Sith, it would not come as a shock to him.

Kenobi, on the other hand, was so defensive of the boy, he doubted Kenobi would be willing to make the right choices when it came to him. If Skywalker had been flirting with Sith powers, he would not recognise it. Mace had always sensed a fear in him, the first step on the way to the Dark Side. He had become a great Jedi Knight, there was no doubt of that, but he was also arrogant and foolhardy, always looking for the quick and easy route, no matter how dangerous.

Mace had combatted the Darkness in his own spiritual journey. He knew he was more adept at recgonising the signs in others than someone like Kenobi who was always on the Light path.

It was with these thoughts that he sat alone in a meditation chamber, the sun filtering in through the large windows. Had he not been so deep into this meditation, he would have sensed someone entering.

'Master Windu? Sorry to interrupt, but there is someone here to see you...'

Mace eased out of his meditation and found himself looking at the form of a blonde Knight. Had it been any other blonde Jedi Knight, he would have had a few choice words about the proper etiquette in regards to comming or sending private messages to Masters instead of interrupting a meeting or meditation. As it was, this was Asþǣa Arxia, a young woman he had considered taking as a padawan, but decided it best not to in the end. He had caught himself, finding he had been attracted to her, which was something forbidden to the Jedi. This was soon after his first test of Darkness and he was more susceptible then and did not want to take his chances, no matter how much he wanted to train her.

This did not prevent his eyes from lingering on her longer than it ought to. 'What can I do for you, Arxia?'

Asþǣa bowed to him when he opened his eyes, her long hair falling over her shoulders, catching the sunlight. 'Master, there is a handmaiden of Senator Amidala here to see you. She said it was urgent.'

He tore his eyes away from her, nodding. 'Thank you. You may show her in.'

Bowing once again, Asþǣa moved to the exit, turning back around to see that Master Windu was once again staring out the window. She exited.

Mace chanced a look back at the doorway, but Arxia had already left.

Asþǣa found Lady Sabé awaiting her and approached. 'He will see you now.'
Sabé waited patiently all the while trying to calm her edgy nerves and ignore the fact her eyelids felt as though they were hooded with sleep. She promised herself that she'd rest as soon as this matter was settled. Hopefully this time she wouldn't be plagued by the nightmares that had been haunting her these past few days but inwardly she doubted that she would be so lucky.

Her hand continued to play with the ribbon on her sword as she mentally went through yet again what she planned to say the Jedi Master when the younger knight returned and politely informed her that she was permitted entrance into the meditation room. Bowing and thanking the young woman for her kindness Sabé then politely stepped inside the peaceful room.

She remained silent not wishing to intrupt the Jedi Master's thoughts as she patiently waited for his attentions to turn to her before bowing deeply in greeting.

"Master Windu thank you for permitting me your audience."
Sensing the handmaiden's arrival, he stood to greet her properly, but only inclined his head slightly in return to her deep bow.

'Good day, Miss Nabish. Please,' he said, gesturing for her to seat herself in one of the large cushioned chairs.

He sat across from her, crossing his legs.

Sabé bowed slightly once more at his invitation before quietly moving to take a seat on the cushioned chair letting her blade rest in her lap as she did so.

Watching him quietly she tried to find her center to ease the nerves but it was a struggle. But instead of noting this oddity with concern she just shrugged it off as a sign of exhaustion. Clearing her thoughts and cross checking that her mental walls were firmly in place she quietly began to speak.

"I apologize for this short notice, but it pertains to the matter for which was discussed previously."

She paused gathering her words carefully as she forced down the hint of guilt at the fact she was going behind Obi-Wan's back to do this. It is necessary she told herself, his feelings for Anakin are already blinding him to the truth. I need an outsider who understands the danger on my side in this matter.

"I am in need of your assistance concerning a member of your Order."

She hesitated fearing perhaps she had said too much already and yet knowing there was no other way around it. If this was to be done she'd have to be perfectly honest with him about everything she did. So why can't you be just as honest with Obi-Wan? A soft voice in the back of her mind seemed to whisper to which she promptly answered. He wouldn't understand. But as this thought drew to a quick close Sabé couldn't help but feel a shiver run down her spine. She felt out of place and out of sorts with herself yet she could't quite explain why.
He watched as the handmaiden bowed once more and moved the the seat. She was just as formal and polite as ever. He had not, in fact, paid much heed to the handmaidens of any of the senators, but surmised that was their purpose, to be wallflowers, watching, waiting, prepared...

Mace listened to her carefully, her fears irking him, but not to the extent he ought to be concerned about them.

'Skywalker?' he asked on a hunch. 'Tell me, in this future of yours, did he train with a Sith Lord?'
His direct response was both unnerving and encouraging at the same time. So Anakin was right about something after all she inwardly surmised with much relief. Instinctivally her hand drifted to the ribbon as if part of her was trying to remind her of something important. But she was too distracted, too determined in her need to end the nightmare before it began that she didn't even notice her actions.

She tried to appear nonplussed by the fact he had already pieced together the real reason behind her need to be here but she knew he would see right through it. Instead she bowed her head slightly and quietly nodded.

"I don't think I need to tell you the end result of their alliance, but I do firmly believe he is a threat to himself and to millions of others.

That is why I am here. I want to monitor his actions just as I am monitoring the Supreme Chancellor. I need evidence to back us up and this seems to be the most direct approach."

She admitted quietly her fingers moving and twisting the ribbon in her hands with such fervance that more pieces of the already worn silk severed and frayed revealing beneath the true reason for it's existance.
Mace did not need the Force to sense she was quite nervous. Her fidgeting hands, twirling the ribbon on her katana was evidence enough. However, he did notice an odd braiding peeking through, indistinguishable at first, but as she played with it, it became quite evident that it was in fact a dark-blonde braid of hair quite different from her own dark hair. He wondered where she got it from and what its significance was, but soon his thoughts returned to more pressing matters.

'I thought as much,' he said after she confirmed his suspicions.

Nodding gravely at her request, he agreed. 'I will give you the security clearance codes necessary for your operation. It is wise we monitor both of them and gain knowledge of their plans and intentions.'

He furrowed his brow as he thought about Kenobi. 'In regards to Skywalker, I feel we ought to keep this between ourselves. We need to find a weakness and strike as soon as possible. If what little Master Kenobi informed me is to come to pass once again, this needs to be dealt with swiftly.'
His words instantly set her mind at ease yet even so her fingers would not stop their twisting of the ribbon and the exposed braid. As he agreed to help her with her plans of monitoring both Anakin and the Supreme Chancellor Sabé bowed her head in gratitude. Once more her instincts proved correct Master Windu would be a powerful ally indeed. Yet even so something didn't quite feel right but she once more denied it believing it to be because of her exhaustion and the stress of the situation.

At his final remarks Sabé hesistated feeling suddenly cold as though her body was trying to tell herself something that her mind couldn't quite pick up. After a moments pause she nodded slightly knowing or believing that he was correct in his assessment. Obi-Wan was far too close to Anakin and therefore would be blinded by his purehearted nature to see beyond his hope to save the boy from himself. They would have to do this for his own safety for the safety of millions. They had no choice, this had to be done.

"I concur Master Windu. Too much is at stake to involve more than absolutely necessary. You have my word I will not speak of this to anyone."

Not even him she mentally added unaware of the fact as she thought this more strands of the ribbon frayed and broke off to her twisting fingers.
'Since the last time we spoke, have you forumalated any plans in regards to the Chancellor and Skywalker?' he asked, wondering what skills she possessed.

Though she was only a handmaiden, he was not familiar with their training, aside from servicing their mistress and sometimes functioning as decoys or bodyguards. He wondered what else she could do aside from gather intell and spy. Appearances can be deceiving, and just because she appeared meek and reserved did not mean she wasn't capable of possessing such knowledge that would be useful in these types of situations.

Under normal circumstances, he would agree with Master Yoda, that they oughn't spy, but this was war.
She went pensive trying to ignore the previous arguements she had with Obi-Wan, burying the fact and truth that in reality Anakin hadn't done anything yet that would be considered worthy of justice or worse death. He would be a threat, millions of lives would be lost unless something was done and soon. It was with this thought in mind that she nodded slightly in response to his words.

"I haven't been able to solidify any direct course of action. But I do have some ideas that I would like to set into action. Right now I've begun training those whom I know in the future will be allies of ours. They aren't aware of the real reason behind their training and just believe this is in preparation for the War that is continuing to ensue.

I have sent them on "practice missions" to test their skills and have managed to piece some information that might help us in the future. That is actually how I came about the "pipelines" or unactivated systems in the first place."

She paused unsure if she should continue. She wanted to openly admit to removing Anakin but knew as a Jedi he would most certainly not approve. Yet on the other hand he was aware of the threat and was openly supporting her course of action...

"Master Windu may I ask..."

She quietly asked her eyes turning dark and very serious.

"Just how far are you willing to go with this matter? At what point do you wish to draw the line?"

Mace sensed she was holding back, but attributed this to a conversation she most likely hand with Kenobi in regards to not revealing too much of the future. He figured it was very hard for her, especially since she was not trained in the Force.

He nodded as she explained her tactics, impressed, but wondering if training potential future allies would come at a cost.

Then her features darkned, his brow remained in a constant furrow.

'When the danger has been erradicated,' he said, in answer to her final question. 'When the Sith are once again gathering dust in the holo history vids.'
His words were direct, to the point and allievated any doubts that might have lingered in her mind. It was done, they would be allies and together they would eliminate the threat that was Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. A chill ran down her spine but she ignored it as the room was cold after all or so it felt suddenly.

"While I am not Jedi, I completely support this view and am willing to do whatever it takes to make it come to pass."

She spoke quietly as she studied him closely before softly continuing.

"Now that we understand each other and where we stand in this matter. There is something you should also know that may prove useful in the coming days.

I am trained in shadowplay and recon. While I am not skilled as my fellow handmaiden Saché I am undergoing further training with her to advance this. As well I am familiar with a variety of methods that can tend to this threat without endangering the council's position in this matter."

Shadowplay she assumed he would understand to be stealth fighting. While it was nothing compared to a Jedi's skills she hoped it would prove to be a useful talent in the coming days ahead. Unfortunately her training was limited to what she was taught in the alliance after the Republic's downfall but with Saché's additional training she hoped to succeed in mastering this art.

"That is if you are willing to permit me such leeways over and above my role in supplying information found."

She humbly added feeling a rush of dark joy at the thought of being able to aid in such a worthy cause. If only the nagging deep within would let her be.

'What sort of "methods" did you have in mind?' he asked, folding his hands in front of him as he considered her training.

Mace didn't know what she meant by shadow play, but figured it had something to do with deception.
Her brow furrowed as the war within began again. The methods she had in mind were swift, dangerous and if successful would ensure a painful demise. While this thought gave her hope it also filled her with a sinking dread. Would she be able to face Padmé after this? Or worse yet Obi-Wan?

The images of her dead family filled her thoughts, of her mistress still form being carried to the river on beasts of white where she would rest till the end of time and she knew what she had to do. Even if it meant she would lose her title as Principle handmaiden and that Obi-Wan would never speak to her again it had to be done. Her life and her title was meaningless by comparison to the millions of lives who would perish should she not act accordingly.

"I will be honest with you Master Windu. Palpatine owns the judicial system now and therefore can't be touch by the usual legalities. Even if we collect all the evidence we want he'll still walk."

She paused the struggle worsening as she tried to find a way to express her thoughts properly to explain her actions further.

"I'm actually trying to gain evidence because I need the support of the Jedi Order. I need for them to understand that Palpatine and Anakin are both very serious threats to the Republic and to your Order itself.

But the methods I speak of may not be considered Orthadox by the standards of your Order. Which is why I must ask if you are certain you wish to know what they may be?"

She didn't intend to speak so freely with him and yet she felt it would be safe. After all Obi-Wan did say he was trustworthy. Yet even so she couldn't help but feel regret at her final words. She didn't want to discourage him from aiding her and this admittance was almost certain to have this effect. However had she been more observant of the emotions she sought to bury in this moment she would have realized the warning she spoke of was meant for her as much as they were for Master Windu himself. But then the darkness always did have a way of blinding one to what is most important.
There was no doubt in Mace's mind that Palpatine, as a Sith Master, was an incredible threat to Republic and that his power was already at a point in which the normal paths of justice would not sufficiently operate.

However, Miss Nabish's mention of unorthodox means sparked a warning in his mind. He had to agree though, that the sacrifice of a few would benefit the masses. Nabish was not a Jedi. Should she chose to wield her agency in realms outside of the Jedi Order, that was her prerogative.

At question about whether or not he wanted to know her plans, he saw this as asking for his blessing to go ahead with these plans. If he saw fit, he would not only approve, but insist he help. He did not view this as going against Code or the Council or the Order, but as a noble sacrifice he must undertake for the good of the Republic.

'Unorthodox or not, I would be most interested in hearing your plans. Second eyes on problems often find faults where the creator does not.' Mace could not sacrifice one of the only two people who knew the entire future, having experienced it themselves if her plans were faulty.
Sabé bowed her head in reply to his words her expression a mixture of gratitude and silent respect. It was an honour to have gained such an ally and she wasn't about to let this moment pass.

"Thank you Master Windu your insight would be most appriciated."

She said gently ignoring the tinge of unknown guilt that lingered and the underlying warning that it encouraged.

"I was contemplating the use of a nuero-toxin. The one I have in mind is subtle, discreet and very hard to locate in an autopsy unless you know exactly what it is you are looking for. The poison itself is very rare and hard to find, but I know of a contact who may be able to procur some for me."

She fell silent for a moment as she struggled with her inner demons as the next part was something she truly didn't want ot think about. Something she had struggled with repeatedly in her mind in an attempt to think of another way around it. So far nothing had come to fruitation but Sabé was determined to find away around this so that her goal could be achieved without having to bring her friend and mistress into it.

"However I know for those who are trained in the Force there is the complication that danger will be felt as such I was considering the use of a decoy for the purpose of distraction. At least in case of Anakin. I am still trying to work around how one will be able to get close enough to the Chancellor himself to take such a course of action."

She fell silent once more her expression that of an apt pupil who waits patiently to learn of their master's thoughts and considerations of their words. Any advice he could give or any insight would be taken to heart and Sabé would not hesistate to accept whatever words he might have to offer on this matter.
Playing with fire was the first thought that came to Mace's mind. He considered what she planned very carefully. 'With the chancellor, you will need help. It will need to be orchestrated very carefully, a distraction might help, but if he's as powerful as Master Kenobi said...' He felt as though he had stepped into a freezing chamber. 'It will be difficult.'

A neurotoxin would be effectively quick and the subject would not be in pain. It was a solid idea. Even Master Yoda had the ability to take a life without pain, without using the Dark Side, not that Mace had ever seen him do so, but he possessed the ability.

'Your plan for Skywalker relies on the effectiveness of the decoy. Did you have anything particular in mind?' Certainly she wouldn't put her mistress in danger by using her, but the thought crossed Mace's mind. 'What about Senator Amidala?'
Sabé nodded in firm agreement to Master Windu's assessment of the situation with the Supreme Chancellor. She shivered instinctivally as he mentioned Obi-Wan's name and it made her suddenly feel a little hollow though she couldn't quite say why.

"I have faith that together we will be able to come up with something substancial. I can't be certain that the Supreme Chancellor is aware of Master Kenobi's or my presence and what we represent. Yet even if he did I have the advantage of being the wallflower. He won't care about a handmaiden who isn't trained in the force.

So that alone can be used to our advantage."

But to his next question Sabé's eyes fell to her hands that rested on her lap still silently twisting the ribbon of her blade. She did have something particular in mind. Or rather someone and that someone was the last person she wanted to suggest. But at Master Windu's final words she frowned unable to hide the concern of her features. You can still back down from this a soft voice whispered in the back of her mind. It's not too late to turn around, to end this train of thought instead of following this path to it's conclusion.

"...He's going to kill her...I can't let him do it. I won't let him do it."

She murmured softly as though inwardly replying to inner storm that was her thoughts and to his question. But burying the doubts and storm within Sabé spoke once mroe in more clear tones as she expressed her concerns.

"Senator Amidala's safety must never be comprimised, Master Windu. I would rather not consider her as a decoy unless it's absolutely necessary. I know realistically she is probably our best option for this. But if anything should go wrong..."

Her voice trailed off as she glanced away her hands now gripping the hilt of her blade so hard that her knuckles turned white.

"I cannot let any harm come to her. I swore I would protect her and keep her from danger and I will not fail her this time."
If his suspicions hadn't been confirmed before, they most definitely were now. Skywalker to kill the senator of Naboo? Certainly he would be a Sith for something like that to occur. Skywalker had always been so preoccupied with her whenever he had the chance...and Kenobi would turn a blind eye.

'No, we will not risk your mistress, Miss Nabish.'

Mace pressed his lips together tightly, trying to figure out the best course of action. 'But a distraction of some magnitude would be necessary for your plan to work.'

He grew silent, pensive, trying to think of something. As she said, she was a wallflower. If Skywalker were looking to the source of danger, it would not be her, however, he was extremely Force sensitive. It would be hard to fool him.
Sabé eyes revealed the weight of her relief as she offered a small appriciative smile.

"Thank you Master Windu I knew that you would understand."

But while this brought her much relief it also left the troubling question that Master Windu' spoke of. In truth Padmé was the only person that would qualify as distraction great enough to work on Anakin. Sabé thought back to the fateful day when she did the impossible and had caught Anakin off guard. Had it not been for Padmé's sudden intruption it wouldn't have never come to pass. It was a moment in time when all of the sabacc cards were in her favor and Sabé couldn't be sure if such an oppertunity would ever avail itself again. Even if it did in reality whether she liked it or not it would have to involve Padmé in one way or another.

But could she actually place her friend in such a position? Even if it was only to ensure her safety and the safety of her babies Sabé couldn't help but feel hesistant. Lady Amidala was her mistress and to do this could easily be regarded as a means of betrayal.

And what of Obi-Wan's feelings a thought whispered deep within only to go unnoticed as she tightened her cloak around her feeling more chilled than she felt upon entering.

"There really is no other way is there..."

She said in barely audble tones knowing in reality that Padmé was their only real hope of success and despite the fact it made her more than a little uncomfortable to admit it.

"I really don't want to use her as an unwitting decoy. Yet from experience I've learnt she really is Anakin's only distraction. Not even Master Kenobi would be considered a viable choice."

She concluded as inwardly she felt the struggling growing. Even inwardly she was finding it easier to refer to Obi-Wan by his title over his given name. It was as though through its use she could distance herself from the man she loved enough to contemplate such thoughts behind his back, without having to deal with the guilt it encouraged. Yet at the same time it made her heart sink and left her soul feeling weakened as though it was falling ill but not quite knowing why.

"I fear there will be a great amount of danger involved no matter what the course of action we choose to do."

If only she knew just how grave the danger was and the full weight of the consequences it would encourage.
Mace sensed an inward conflict in this woman, but yet again easily attributed it to the fact she had already witnessed these events and wanted to prevent them from happening once again. However, in the back of his mind, he himself was questioning the braid on her sword and why she seemed to shift in emotions when he mentioned Kenobi.

But his conscious thoughts were formulating plans. 'It would be better if it was done in a public setting, but where the surrounding beings wouldn't be paying a club, but how to get Amidala to go there...that's another question.' He put a hand to his chin. 'If it was in her quarters or a familiar of her headdresses would block out the security cameras.' He was thinking aloud, trying to think of something feasible.
Sabé fell silent as she listened to his suggestions with great care. A public place would be the safest suggestion. Nuetral ground that would ensure no parties could be blamed. She didn't want to drag more people into this if she could help it. But that would be hard. Especially considering like herself and Obi- no she would not think about him. This had nothing to do with Master Kenobi this would be her burden to carry and now Master Windu's as well.

Yet at the same time their chances would be far better if it was on familiar grounds. A place where both would believe they were free from watchful eyes and any possible danger. The weight of distraction would be far more powerful and their chance of success that much better.

But can you truly go through with this? Her heart whispered against the growing storm of darkness within.

"I can tamper with the security cameras so no one will know."

She admitted softly feeling as though she was standing at the edge of a high cliff. Taking a deep breath she briefly closed her eyes and in the spiritual sense of the word she took her the first fateful step into the chasm of darkness.

"But I think it won't be necessary, as I know of the perfect place where this can occur.

There is a garden in the lower levels that is both public and private. I know they used to visit there often.

I can show you if you like."

And as she spoke these words somewhere within a piece of her died with them.
'Some other time, perhaps. We need to keep our meetings short and inconstant so as not to arouse suspicion,' he said bluntly, his own mind slowly flirting with this darkness he did not realise she was eminating.

He slipped a comlink from his utility belt and handed it to her. 'Use this to communicate with me. It's set to a private, nearly undetectable frequency.

'I will aid you in any way I can, Miss Nabish.'
Sabé bowed her head in reply it was enough to know he was in agreement with her on this matter and that the beginning stepping stones were now set in place.

"I understand Master Windu and I thank you for your time and assistance in this matter."

She politely said as she rose to her feet letting the Katana slip into place on her hip all the while not noticing the fallen threads at her feet.

As he offered her the comlink she graciously accepted it and nodded slightly to his words.

"Thank you. I assure you I will only use it when absolutely necessary."

At his final words Sabé found herself feeling more unsettled rather than grateful. She couldn't explain but then this too was overlooked and believed to be nothing more than exhaustion.

"I appriciate all of your help Master Windu and I promise I will not fail you."

Then without another word she quietly slipped out into the hall and began her journey back to her quarters; her thoughts heavy with more than just the plans they sought to set into motion. Something was stirring and she couldn't shake the feeling that the darkness was closing in. If only she could realize it was none other than her own.
Mace slightly inclined his head as Nabish moved to leave, leaving him to his brooding thoughts. He couldn't pinpoint what it was, but something was out of place.

It will all be as it should once the Sith are destroyed, he assured himself.


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