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Closing the doors of the future, to step into the past.

The Dojo was just as she had last seen it during the final days of the Republic's reign. Sabe never realized how much she had missed it until she took her first footsteps into the building. The familiar scent of burning inscence filled her nose and instantly set her at ease with the bittersweet memories it encouraged.

This is where it all began a second time she inwardly mused remembering the first time in ten she had seen Obi-Wan had been in the master hall where they were now headed, to spar once more. Though she missed her blades Sabe admitly was reluctant to retrieve them. For she knew if they did that would mark the end of it all.

As selfish as she knew it was Sabe couldn't help but embrace these few fleeting moments with Obi-Wan for as long as she could. Though inwardly such thoughts always brought guilt questions of whether or not she was committing a grave dishonour for being so reluctant Sabe couldn't help but answer it with the excuse that she wasn't entirely certain she was in the past or if it was but a well thought out trap. Deep down she was beginning to realize this answer too was turning sour that had it been a trap it would be over already but still she clung onto it like a drowning man holding onto a life preserve.

Stepping inside she headed to the main hall remembering correctly that at this time of day it was still considered too early for the handmaidens to be to start their training. Which meant if she recalled correctly they would have at least a few hours before anyone would arrive. Moving forward to the main training hall Sabe silently parted the doors and instantly found herself lost in the memories of the past.

She could almost feel the ghosts of history sparring in this room. Of her as a child training under the watchful eyes of Tame and Captain Panaka to become Queen Amidala's Principle Handmaiden. Then later training future Principle Handmaiden's herself. There were memories of Obi-Wan first choosing the Katana to answer her challenge, only to unwittingly or perhaps wittingly train her with his skill through their spars. Then there was the moments where no physical blades were drawn, of quiet discoveries and torn loyalities that left Sabe feeling more vulnerable then she'd ever want to admit. Of having to bear witness to the Jedi Master then Knight piecing together the information that would have him understand his Padawan's decision to marry her best friend. Then later the poignant verbal spar that pertained to the very same Padawan not Knight that almost tore her heart apart.

A shiver ran down her spine at that thought and Sabe caught her breathe as she remembered the extremely volatile experience in which her fears of Anakin's darkness was confirmed.


Even now the very name made her blood turn to lava and her skin as cold as steel. But after the strange encounter with the hero with no fear Sabe found out first hand there were far more important matters in life then dwelling on personal rage and the insatiable need for revenge. Obi-Wan's well-being being the most important of these matters. So during the said incident she was quick learn this much needed lesson and had promptly accepted the silent honour of being his much needed support...
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Sabe couldn't have been more relieved upon Anakin's departure. She knew without question she would have to act quickly lest others notice Obi-Wan's strange behavior and reaction. Her heart clenched at the sight of him so completely shell shocked. He didn't seem to respond to her silent attempts to comfort him and she inwardly cursed the fact that she wasn't trained for transfering calming sensations through the Force. Though normally she was grateful her path didn't lead her to the Jedi Order in this moment Sabe almost wished it had. If not for anything then to be able to be more help to her suffering husband.

Once Anakin was out of sight the former decoy place a gentle hand on the Jedi Master's arm as she quietly spoke her eyes filled with sadness and concern as she did so.

"Obi-Wan I think we should retire to your quarters."

Though mentally she tried once more to speak words of gentle comfort.

My love, its alright, everythigng is going to be alright. Please trust me on this, I will get you through this if you let me.

Please let me do this, let me be the anchor that keeps you steady in the midst of the coming storm. I want to be the bedrock where you may stand firm. You've always been there for me, now it is my turn to be there for you Sabe thinks to herself as she quietly led him back to his quarters.

As they slipped through the throngs of people she was careful to keep a watchful eye out for any trouble, for any possible suspicions all the while praying that no one noticed anything strange about her actions. Though they were subtle she couldn't help but feel fearful that htey would be misread or that someone else from their past would surface and question them. But as they entered the transport and headed back to the temple Sabe's mind was already working into overdrive. If anyone asked she would just say he was on his way to the infirmary having had been damaged in battle. Though the wounds weren't visible in the literal sense she would argue having crossed pathes with a Sith apprentice had caused much psionic damage that needed time to heal. Which in reality was closer to the truth then she'd care to admit and the thought both fills her with rage at the one who brought this upon her love and sorrow for the damage it was causing him even in this moment.

But to her relief for the moment no one seemed to notice them. Which served to help them approach the spartan quarters that was once Obi-Wan's before the darkness completely destroyed their world that much more swiftly. Quietly she waited as Obi-Wan mechanically palmed the door's entrance code causing her heart to bleed once more as she hated to see him like this, so shattered and lost. However as soon as they entered she took no time in hesitance as she quietly slipped her arms around him and pulled him close in the hope that by some miracle she could now offer the comfort he so desperately needed in this moment.

"...My love it's okay, you can let go now...Just let go, I will catch you I promise..."

Deleted comment

As he embraced her tightly Sabe almost felt lighthearted with relief. Not over his actions but rather what they represented. The sight of him so shaken was heartbreaking and this was the first sign since the encounter with Anakin that he had shown any sign of recovering from it. Quietly she held him, her hands rubbing his back firmly as though somehow through her touch she could offer some sort of solace and peace.

It pained her deeply to see him like this despite the initial relief that his actions had encouraged. But she remained strong for she knew it was necessary, he needed her and she would not fail him. Yet upon hearing his choked words she felt tears threatening to surface as she felt her heart break to his pain. Pushing them down in determination Sabe just tightened her embrace.

"You won't have to my love, because it won't happen again. We are going to stop this nightmare from coming to pass, you and I together. The darkness will not win this time I swear it."

She softly whispered hoping somehow if he couldn't find solace in her arms that he might find some comfort in her words. But just as soon as the words escaped his lips or so it felt he quietly lifted his head from her shoulder his expression more stronger then it was moments ago. She lowered her eyes as she felt his fingers gently outline the long scar that now decorated her features. His words moved her deeply and she couldn't help but offer a gentle smile.

Even now after all he had been through he was more concerned for her safety then his own. He had always been so selfless, a trait that had only ensured he would forever remain in her heart but in this moment it filled her with new determination. She would not let the monster that was once his Padawan hurt him either.

"He won't, because we are going to stop all this before it ever happens and then all the darkness that is to come will be nothing more then a bad dream."

She promised as she gently touched his cheek her mind now set on making these words a reality.

Deleted comment

She felt his dread through the connection that now bound them closer together and it caused her heart to sink once more. Quietly she spoke her words gentle and soothing as she whispered in his ear.

"Now is not the time to become lost in doubt. We can discuss the future later, what matters is that we are here now. We still have time to change what has already come to pass in our universe but for now don't let it trouble you. You already have so much on your mind as it is focussing on such things will only cause more hurt then necesary."

She felt his hand move over her own and Sabe couldn't resist a gentle smile. She knew without question in that moment no matter what lied ahead of them in the future they would make it. They had each other and that alone held far more power and strength then even the knowledge they carried. The storm was coming she knew but with him by her side Sabe knew she would make it. She could only hope that in the end he felt the same about her.

But as if reading her thoughts he softly murmured the words she already knew but always felt moved to hear coming from his lips. Her smile widened at them as her eyes softened as she pulled him into another tight embrace.

"...We are going to make it, my love. You and I together will weather the storms to come."

Quietly she mentally added for fear the words would not find their way to her lips.

You are the other half of my soul. With you by my side I never have to fear the darkness.

Deleted comment

She moved quietly to the small locker that once held her things and couldn't help but inwardly hope that by some great fortune she would find her blades hanging from the small shelving within. But upon opening it they weren't there to be found although a clean pair of training clothes was found instead and that instantly cheered her of any dissapointment felt from the lack of blades.

Grabbing her things she quietly slipped away to get into something more comfortable and soon returned in more suited attire. As she approached the blades in question she studied them for a moment before settling on a sword that carried a close semblence to her Katana. As she grabbed it gently she caught Obi-Wan's words and smiled bowing her head slightly in reply.

"That would be prefered."

Quickly and quietly she moved into position in the center of the floor her eyes dancing in anticipation. How desperately we need this she inwardly mused to herself. To hear the music of the blades to barely feel the ground beneath our toes.

To be lost in the moment where the past and the future isn't able to touch us she surmised as she tried to ignore the thoughts of what was certain to come. She knew that at some point her path would cross with her Queen. That she would have to come face to face with her best friend and in many ways her surregate sister. It would be overwhelming to say the least but Sabe hoped that in some desperation she would be somewhat prepared.

At least I have been given the chance to prepare she thought her heart once more going out to her poor husband who wasn't so fortunate. Seeing Anakin again had a profound effect on him and it left Sabe more then a little fearful at the time. But it was in the past now and this moment in reality could be their last together and so she buried this thought as well as she chose to embrace the positive instead.

As she offered a wry grin Sabe bowed deeply as she prepared for their 'battle' to begin.

"You better not go easy on me because I am handling a new blade. I'm just as good with these swords as my own."

She teased offering him a wink as she did so.

Deleted comment

She blushed at his compliment and shook her head as if to say she thought he was but teasing. But to his mischevious remarks she raised a brow and moved swiftly to dodge his attack as she laughed softly.

"There is only one Jedi I deem worthy of sparring with and he is right where he should be, with me."

She teased grinning as she once more slipped into the infamous dance they had grown accustomed to over the years. Moving to attack she tried to catch him off guard as she did so unable to resist taking the oppertunity to show off what she had learnt from his through their previous spars.

Deleted comment

She moved deftly to his dodge attempting to make another attack her feet barely touching the ground as she felt her heart race to the heavy song of metal hitting metal.

He shifted into the sword dance with the greatest of ease and it took little time before his prompt movements and graceful attacks and defences kept her on her toes. She could only imagine how this must look to an observer for from her perspective he was magnifiscent with both a blacksmith's blade and a lightsaber. It was as though it was second nature like breathing for him and in truth it only intrigued her that much further.

As the speed increased Sabe couldn't help but grin at his teasing as she couldn't resist a retort between light puffs of breathe.

"Hardly! Although if you find this to be too light a workout I can certainly remedy that."

She teased before swinging her blade as in she attempted to strike with a rather complex move she had seen him do upon occassion.

Deleted comment

She laughed breathless at his words her movements quick and fluid to his attacks and dodges. How she loved such moments as this. While most girls enjoyed flirting with their beau's through the use of words Sabe learnt over the years that she prefered the expressive dance of blades over the clever overtures of talk. After all so much more could be said without having to say anything at all.

And in this moment an entire conversation seemed to unfurl before her eyes as she moved deftly dodging and counterattacking his advanced and skillful movements while completing many of her own.

It felt wonderful to be able to complete her actions and not feel the wince of pain or the dull throb she had come to grow used to. A wonderful sign that her wounds had finally healed and for once she could fully return to the rigorous workout she always enjoyed before the incident had occured.

As they continued their elequent and complex dance Sabe couldn't help but become lost in the swift instinctive motions. It was glorious to experience once more and soon Sabe found herself humbled yet again to be able to share such a moment with one as skilled as the Jedi before her.

Deleted comment

She moved quickly to counter his attacks realizing a moment too late that he had slipped up and let his guard down. But before she had a chance to take advantage of it he was promptly recovered leaving Sabe once more in awe of his skills. Sparring with one as skilled as he left no room for arrogance and for that she was grateful. A better teacher she could have not asked for.

But even as one spar ended for another to begin she had a sinking feeling that soon this would be their last. She didn't want to think of how long it would be before their pathes could cross again once they had resumed their role of before. Though she knew it was greedy and selfish of her to think in this fashion Sabe couldn't resist the need to hold onto this moment for a long as she could.

As such she promptly ignored the sensation that another was nearing the old Dojo and continued the invigorating dance of blades with Obi-Wan praying to the gods that by some miracle whomever it was approaching would be distracted and turn away.

Please let this last even for a few moments longer she thought as her distraction of thoughts now caused her to leave her guard open.
After escaping the disapproving eyes of one Saché Maberrie, Soren was free to go about his investigation alone. As he planned, he went through all of the medical records, only to find that no one had been admitted who matched her description.

It was time to ask the Jedi for help.

As he strode down the hallway that would take him towards the transports, another idea popped into his head. Saché had mentioned something about the dojo training area which Sabé spent an inordinate amount of time in. If she had indeed returned and felt up to it, no doubt she would be there... It was worth a shot anyway.

He rounded the corner and upon hearing the clanging of metal, decided to enter.

Needless to say, he was bewildered to see her going toe-to-toe with Master Kenobi. He didn't feel right about interrupting, seeing as how she was perfectly fine and not in the need of urgent medical care...despite how worried Amidala and himself had been these past three days. He waited until they noticed his presence, albeit reluctantly.
The spar continued and Sabe was eager for it never to end and though she kenw in the back of her mind they were no longer alone she still continued their sword dance choosing to ignore Typho at least for the moment. But even so it was hard to ignore the sadness that now began to roll off of her. It was over. The dream had drawn to a close and now she must wake-up to the painful reality that would soon mark her seperation from the one she had only mere days ago come to call her husband.

Deleted comment

'The senator has been worried about you, Sabé,' he said, trying to keep his cool and allow her time to explain. She had always been prompt about reporting in, so he couldn't hold this against her.

'I trust the mission was a success?'
Obi-Wan backed away and Sabe inwardly sighed as she bowed deeply thanking him for the spar as well careful to keep the sadness from her expression. Though at his mental remarks she couldn't help but let it lighten the mood a little. He was right, though their moments now would have to be carefully thought out there was one thing they had now that they didn't before and the thought filled her with a sense of peace.

I know you are right...It's just, well, at least we have this and the memories of Tatooine...

She mentally replied her eyes briefly turning gentle before she went business like again. Though it wasn't much she still found joy in the fact at least they were able to communicate in this way which she knew would be an asset in the days to come.

But at the Captain's words Sabe's heart jumped to her throat as she couldn't help but feel guilty for causing the Senator to worry. Nevermind the lengths she can only imagine the Captain had gone through to locate her. But this too instantly faded away as a new gut wrenching thought began to flicker into her mind.

She would have to see Padme now for sure. Her eyes briefly flickered to Obi-Wan as though seeking the silent support she knew she would need in the moments to come, before she turned her attentions back to the Captain of security.

"Yes it was. There is much we need to discuss but that can wait. The Senator where is she?"

She admitted in neutral tones as she tried to ignore the emotions that was already beginning to formulate in her thoughts. Soon she would see her bestfriend alive and well and while as joyous as it was she knew what was to come and she couldn't be sure if she'd be able to face her once more knowing her demise and how soon it would be arriving.

Deleted comment

'Good,' Soren said when Sabé reported the mission had gone well. 'She's in her quarters at the moment.'

When the master Jedi asked Sabé if he could accompany her, Soren didn't think anything of it and merely waited for the handmaiden to change from the training clothes.
She nodded politely to Soren's words relieved to know her blushing cheeks could be attributed to her spar. But at Obi-Wan's words she inwardly sighed her eyes briefly flickering in sad gratitude as she casted Obi-Wan a sincere smile.

"Thank you Jedi Kenobi, I would appriciate your company.

Gentlemen if you'll excuse me."

Sabe then bowed to both men before departing to the fresher to change though once out of sight she found herself having to take deep breathes as she struggled to find her center once more.

" devotion to you is everlasting."

The gentle voice of Obi-Wan quietly speaking the oath's exchanged on their wedding night echoed in her thoughts and soon Sabe found the center she so desperately needed.

Once in control of her emotions once more she freshened up and was soon returning to the Security Captain and the Jedi Knight once more. Bowing to them deeply she offered a polite smile before politely departing with them to her mistresses quarters. However as they left she couldn't help but cast Obi-Wan a hidden smile as she quietly spoke through her thoughts to him.

Thank you my love, for everything. I will never forget any of this.

Deleted comment

As they departed Sabe heard his words and instantly felt her heart warm to them. As they departed following the security Captain Sabe couldn't resist glancing over to Obi-Wan and was soundly rewarded with a small smile that said more then words ever could. Returning it herself Sabe took a deep breathe as unconciously her hand moved slightly in his direction as if to take his own before she stopped herself in time and drew it back. She tried to ignore the pang of sadness this lack of action seemed to encourage all the while chastizing herself for being so foolish as to forget. But their time on Tatooine had left its mark on her and she knew it would be some time before she properly got used to the distance that was expected of them.